How to become a Hermès reseller online?

The luxury resale market has become an amazing opportunity for people to create their own business and achieve a greater financial independence. And when it comes to Hermès resale, the possibilities are endless. If you’re wondering how to become a Hermès reseller online, we want to give you some insights on how to achieve it.

Keep reading and discover how to become a Hermès reseller online, so you can have your own handbag business from home and enjoy the benefits of fruitful investments and high profits.

  1. Create channels to promote your business
  2. Produce credibility videos
  3. Open accounts on luxury resale marketplaces
  4. Make connections with other Hermès resellers
  5. Post your reviews

Create channels to promote your business


After registering your company in your country and setting up a bank account, the initial step is to effectively promote your business. Nowadays, social media has emerged as a powerful tool to spread the word and let everyone know which services you provide, so you must use it to your advantage.

We recommend creating social media accounts for your business on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok. These are the channels through which you can reach your audiences and appeal to clients that are interested in the type of services you offer.

Build a close and personal approach on social media by showing your face and demonstrating qualities of kindness, politeness, and a genuine eagerness to educate clients about the Hermès resale market while dispelling any misconceptions. Be proactive in responding to followers' questions and ensure prompt replies to direct messages, as this can significantly impact how you are perceived. Remember, building a strong relationship with potential clients is key.

Produce credibility videos


Credibility forms the foundation of your business. To create solid trust with potential clients, you need to demonstrate your professionalism and expertise as a Hermès reseller. Therefore, consider creating and sharing content related to the Hermès brand on your social media. Show your followers that you’re a Hermès connoisseur, well-versed in the nuances of skins, colors, hardware, and all aspects related to Hermès handbags.

Another important aspect to address is the issue of authenticity. In the luxury resale market, authenticity is a sensitive matter, given the presence of numerous counterfeiters who craft fake bags to deceive innocent buyers. It is crucial to assure your clients that you are well-informed about authenticity concerns and that they can trust in the legitimacy of the bags they purchase from you.

Inform them about the keys to identify a fake bag and show them that you’re aware of all of it, so you’re not only educating your followers, but also showing them that they can trust you as an expert and that you can provide them only genuine handbags.

Open accounts on luxury resale marketplaces


Most Hermès resellers start to sell their handbags through the well-known luxury resale marketplaces online, and although they are not the best alternative to sell your handbags and obtain a good profit, they are still good places to study the market and understand the latest trends.

If you have accounts on luxury resale marketplaces, you can compare your stock with that of other resellers. This allows you to determine the current value of each specific bag, identify which ones are in high demand, and set the appropriate prices for your handbags.

Listing your bags on different websites is a great way to draw people to your business and improve the chances of selling them faster. However, it's essential to stay vigilant against scammers. It's also important to understand that by selling your bags on these platforms you may lose a big part of your profit in commissions to the webpage.

Make connections with other Hermès resellers


The success of a Hermès reseller is also determined by their amount of connections and their ability to reach out to their contacts. A good Hermès reseller needs to find the handbags that their clients ask for very quickly, and when everything fails, it is very important to reach out to other resellers, to purchase the bag from them and give a good impression to the clients.

Connecting to other resellers is also a good opportunity to learn from other professionals, people that have been in the industry for longer than you, and that can teach you a few tricks and tips to have a successful business. Even if you don’t have a close relationship with them, you can still observe the way they operate and learn something from it when buying a bag from them.

On the other hand, having a good connection with other resellers enables you to stay informed about the luxury resale market trends, profitable investment opportunities in handbags, and popular item combinations. And the best part is that it will be easier and more positive than recurring to resale marketplaces, where trust is uncertain, and extensive personal research is necessary.

Post your reviews


Once you have had your own sales and your clients are satisfied with your services, ask them politely to write an honest review about their experience, this will not only help you improve in some aspects that you might have lacked, but will also allow you to show to other potential clients that your services are successful and that your clients are happy with them.

You can post your reviews in your social media accounts, mainly on Instagram and Facebook, where people are most likely to go looking for opinions about your work. This will make you seem as a more trustworthy person and will also give you more credibility to the eyes of your followers and potential clients.

So, are you ready to become a Hermès reseller online?

Now, with these fresh tips and your eagerness to start, you’re ready to begin your journey and create a successful business reselling Hermès bags. 

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