How to buy and sell Hermès handbags?

Hermès resale has represented one of the most profitable luxury resale markets of the last few years, and each day more people want to join to seize their investments. If you’re new to luxury bag resale and you still don’t know very well how to buy and sell Hermès handbags, we want to give you some advice so that you can start your journey and become a Birkin reseller, a Kelly reseller or the best Hermès reseller.

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  1. How to buy a Hermès bag?
    1. Purchase from trustworthy sources
    2. Verify the authenticity
    3. Take care of your investment
  2. How to sell a Hermès bag?
    1. Choose the right bag resale site
    2. Communicate with the buyer
    3. Ship the bag with its components
  3. Can you make money reselling Hermès?

How to buy a Hermès bag?

To purchase a Hermès bag you need to follow the right steps in order for it to be a success, and for you to put your money into a good investment that will revalue over time. Next, we will give you some specific tips to buy a Hermès bag successfully and be able to seize it for future resale.

Purchase from trustworthy sources


One of the most important situations when it comes to buying a Hermès bag is the place from which you’re going to purchase it. This is very important because you can’t always find authentic Birkin or Kelly handbags when purchasing from random bag resale sites or bag resellers that don’t have enough reviews or clients that vouch for their professionalism. 

This is why, we recommend that you try to purchase your first luxury handbags from Hermès official stores because you can be 100% sure that they are authentic. However, it is well-known that Hermès stores are not an easy place to find Hermès bags immediately and let alone purchase them easily, that’s why we also recommend you buy from respectable Hermès resellers that have a proven clientele and enough comments about the way they operate business.

These professional Hermès resellers can be found on some online bag resale sites, or directly on Instagram, where you can testify to their business by checking comments and the amount of followers they have. You can also consider communicating with people that have been their clients.

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There is also another alternative to buy Hermès bags confidently without fear of falling for a scam. By joining the Resellers Connector community, you get access to an updated list of the Hermès bags available from reputable professional resellers, where you can look for brand new, pre-loved, or never used Hermès Kelly, Birkin, and Constance bags. Join this Hermès reseller community.

Verify the authenticity


Before purchasing a Hermès bag from another place aside from Hermès official stores, you must check the authenticity of the bag, using the provided authenticity elements such as the official invoice and payment ticket. With these elements and an inspection of the pictures you have been sent, you can have a first approach to verifying that the Hermès bag is genuine.

If you chose a rightful Hermès reseller and they sent you all the details about the bag, you can trust them and purchase the product to then have a rigorous inspection at home, comparing the handbag and the documents. If you come across a Hermès reseller that doesn’t provide authenticity elements or tries to avoid the subject, don’t buy anything from them.

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The authenticity of a luxury handbag is the most important aspect since it is the only thing that allows the product to revalue and for you to be able to resale it if you purchase a fake bag, you will not only lose the investment made but also any form of earning money back, the handbag will be useless.

Take care of your investment


Once you have purchased a Hermès Kelly or Birkin bag, you need to take care of its materials in order for it to retain its value and be able to revalue with time. For that, you need to know if you’re going to use the bag, or if you plan on storing it and saving it for resale in a few years. Either way, it is very important that you store it in a dry and dark place away from humidity and direct sunlight since this can damage the skin and hardware.

If you plan to use the handbag, be aware that you must avoid any liquid spillage and bump against any rough surface, that way it can keep its beauty and be perfect. Remember that the better kept the bag, the more that it can revalue and the more you can regain from your investment.

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How to sell a Hermès bag?

Hermès bags are proven to be very profitable by selling them in the luxury handbag resale, however, before starting to sell you must know a few things so that your sale is successful and you can earn the money you expect. Next, we will give you some insights on how to sell a Hermès bag correctly.

Choose the right bag resale site


Nowadays there are thousands of sites to sell designer handbags, most of them dedicated to selling other luxury accessories from different brands. However, it may be tricky to choose the right spot to publish and put your Hermès bag for sale. To choose the right place you must have in mind that most of these sites take a commission from the final selling price of your handbag, or maybe even a percentage, which means that they take away a big part of your earnings.

And although these sites offer you a publishing space, they shouldn’t take away that much. This is why it is important to find the right site, so that you can keep as much money as possible and that your sale becomes profitable and worth it in the end. Another thing you must consider is that these sites feature millions of bags, so it may take longer to find a client that wants to buy yours. But where to sell Hermès bag?

At Resellers Connector we offer you a secure environment in which you can share your Hermès handbags amongst a community of Hermès resellers. In this space, you can sell your handbag easier and faster, with no commissions, so you can keep the money from your sale and start creating a base of clients with our support.

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Communicate with the buyer


Once you have found the right client that wants to purchase your Hermès handbag, you must be a consistent reseller and keep good communication with them. As you may know, as a buyer your priority is to know the authenticity of the handbag and be certain that the seller is an honest person, so in order to sell, you must be honest and tell the buyer everything they want to know about the Hermès handbag.

Include details about its true condition, whether it has been used before, or if it has been kept intact in its box. You should point out any flaw that the bag has, as little as it can be, it is important to share this information. On the other hand, share good pictures with the buyer, where they can see in detail the status of the skin, hardware, and structure.

And when it comes to authenticity, be sure to share all the documents and invoices that prove that your Hermès handbag was purchased legally and is in fact genuine. Remember that this is the most important thing that actually gives value to the bag, the fact that it is authentic and not a counterfeit or stolen bag.

Ship the bag with its components


When the sale is completed and the buyer has already paid, you must ship the Hermès handbag to their location. For this, check the bag once more, make sure that it has all of the components that it must contain; such as the original Hermès orange box, the dust bag for the bag and the clochette, the raincover if it came with it, and the authenticity documents. Include the invoices and authenticity proof in a separate envelope and place it inside the orange box, this way they are completely secured.

Follow the guidelines of the shipping company you chose, and make sure to take pictures while packing the handbag, this will be helpful to record everything it includes so the client can be aware in case something goes wrong during the shipping. On the other hand, always communicate with the buyer in case they want to hire insurance for the shipping, as Hermès handbags are very valuable luxury items. 

After you have shipped the handbag, share the tracking number with the buyer, so that they can be aware of the location of the bag and follow it until it reaches the final destination. Remain in communication with the buyer and ask them about the bag once they receive it, this will always be considered as a good gesture and it will give you good reviews as a Hermès reseller in the future.

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Can you make money reselling Hermès?


Now that you know how to buy and sell Hermès handbags, you might be asking yourself if it is really going to be worth it, and as it may seem like a lot of work and trouble, we promise you that the luxury handbag resale is a very profitable business that many people do nowadays.

If you have enough money to invest in a Hermès handbag, you can always seize its potential to turn it into a good business, since by selling it, you can obtain double or even triple the price you paid for it. If you sell a Hermès Birkin, you can take advantage of its 38% revaluation, which tends to grow with each year. And if you invest in limited edition handbags or Birkin bags with exotic skins and colors, you are sure to earn much more.

So the answer is yes, you can make good money reselling Hermès and it can become your source of income, and potentially lead to a passive income source with time, which can help you invest in more assets, or even save it for your retirement, so it is always a good choice to invest in a Hermès handbag and resell it when the time is right.

We hope we have clarified your doubts regarding how to buy and sell Hermès handbags. If you want to start a handbag business from home, you can consult our blog for Hermès resellers, so you learn everything you need to master the colors, skins, stamps, and authenticity methods.

If you want to be part of our Resellers Connector community, don’t hesitate to join and start your journey with a welcoming and professional community exclusive to Hermès resellers.

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