What do you need to become a Hermès reseller?

If you have been thinking about giving your first steps into luxury bag resale, you’ve surely researched Hermès and why it is the most profitable brand to begin investing in and selling their handbags, especially the Birkin and Kelly handbags. However, you may not know what you need to become a Hermès reseller.

This is why we want to give you an idea of what you will need to start a handbag business from home and how you can get it. This way you can seize your investments and start earning money that may turn into passive income in the future.

  1. What do you need to become a Hermès reseller?
    1. Enough money to invest
    2. Hermès handbags
    3. A storage space
    4. Authenticity documents
    5. Good pictures of the handbags
    6. A channel to advertise your business
    7. Profiles on bag resale sites
    8. Connections with other Hermès resellers
  2. How to get the things you need?
  3. Resellers Connector

What do you need to become a Hermès reseller?

Being a Hermès reseller is easier than you expect, however, it is essential that you comply with these elements to be able to have a successful business reselling handbags. Next, we will show you the things you must have to start creating a business as a Hermès reseller so that in the future you can be considered as a professional reseller. 

Enough money to invest


It is well-known that Hermès handbags are one of the most valuable and expensive luxury items in the world. This is due to the great demand and the very few productions that Hermès does per year, limiting their Hermès handbag stock and selling only to very special clients in specific opportunities. This exclusivity allows them to hold a higher ground as a brand, not only showing that their products are made with quality but also allowing them to assign them a higher value.

The difficulty to go to official stores and purchasing the handbags as any normal item has created a resale market in which the pre-loved Hermès handbags acquire double or triple their retail value, offering the opportunity to purchase the handbags as an investment piece aside from just an accessory.

This is why, if you plan to get into the luxury bag resale, you must have a sufficient amount of funds that you are willing to invest in Hermès handbags, either Birkin, Kelly, or Constance. And although the official store price is way more accessible, you might have to buy Hermès handbags in the resale market at some point, so it is recommended that you have a destined amount to invest in the Hermès bags to resale them in the future when they reach enough revalue to recover your investment and earn more.

Hermès handbags


To become a fine Hermès reseller, you must have the products. Purchasing Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbags proves to be much more profitable to invest, these bags have shown a tremendous revalue in the resale market and in auctions as famous as the British house Christie’s. 

We suggest you start with a bag of each model, preferably with classic characteristics, such as togo or epsom calfskin and in versatile colors such as gold, noir (black), or white. These combinations of characteristics allow you to own two timeless handbags that you can resale at any point for a high and safe amount.

The Hermès handbag characteristics are important since there are some colors or skins that are more coveted than others, and sometimes fashion trends change, putting aside some colors that were coveted a few years ago and imposing new trends. This is why we recommend you opt for classic and timeless shades and skins so you can create a safe investment, and once you get more experience in luxury bag resale, you might move forward to bolder colors and exotic skins.

Take a look at Hermès skins and color guides.

A storage space


As your business grows and you start to own more and more Hermès handbags, you must have a suitable place to store them. Most Hermès resellers start their business by storing the handbags inside some room at their home or office, but it is imperative that this room meets the perfect conditions to store such valuable luxury items. 

The preservation of Hermès handbags is a key point for them to be able to revalue over time, if a Hermès bag has very coveted characteristics but it has not been properly cared for, it is very likely that it will lose value instead of earning it. This is why you must have a conditioned space at home to store the Hermès handbags in which you invested, and a simple closet is not enough.

Learn how to store Hermès handbags, and keep the bags intact for their future resale.

Authenticity documents


The Hermès resale business must provide traceability at all times. If you start a handbag business from home, you need to make sure that you can provide authentic products to your clients, not only to offer a good service but also to avoid any legal problems in the future.

Authenticity is an essential element in the luxury bag resale since it can solely make or break the value of an item, this means that if it is discovered that a Hermès handbag is fake, it loses all its value and any possibility to resale it. This is why we suggest you buy Hermès handbags from a trustworthy source, such as directly from the official store or through recognized professional Hermès resellers that provide you with authenticity elements.

The most important documents that you must hold from any of the Hermès handbags you purchase, regardless of the method you used to get them, are the official Hermès invoice and the payment ticket. These two elements, in addition to a proper inspection of the handbag, can corroborate if it is authentic, specifically because the data in the bag matches the one written on the invoice. The payment ticket must reflect the date, time, and exact amount paid, which should also match the official invoice. 

By storing these elements alongside the handbags, you can be sure to ship them to your clients each time they purchase from you, this way you are providing traceability and you will gain a good reputation amongst Hermès resellers.

Learn more about Hermès authenticity, and why it is so important.

Good pictures of the handbags


Pictures are an essential part of any business that requires selling products. By having pictures of the Hermès handbags you’re selling, you can offer them to any client that asks for a specific handbag. The pictures must be clear, with enough lighting and a good focus on the details.

Take pictures of the handbag in its front, side, and back panels, also take a closeup of the turning closure and closing flap, as well as the closing clasps, the handles, the interior of the bag, and the bottom studs. Make sure to also take a good picture of the date stamp, this blind stamp is essential to authenticate the handbag when being compared to the official invoice.

Taking pictures of the Hermès handbag you intend to sell, also entails taking pictures of the little flaws your handbag may have, remember that if it is a pre-loved bag that you have already used, it may show some signs of deterioration that you need to show to the clients because it is an honest way to do business. It may lower the final sale value, but you’re going to end up with better reviews if you are honest with your customers.

A channel to advertise your business


Nowadays, almost everyone dedicates to an online business, and Hermès resale is certainly a business that you need to advertise in order to be successful. The basis of digital marketing entails the use of social media to promote your products and find people interested in purchasing what you have to offer.

So for your Hermès resale business to start being visible and getting clients, you must consider using social media to advertise your service as a Hermès reseller. And although many new resellers fear that this business may be illegal, you need to have in mind that it is not an illegal activity and you can perform it without any problems.

By dedicating an Instagram profile or perhaps an e-commerce website created by you to sell the Hermès handbags, you can start advertising your Hermès bags with good pictures in order to attract potential clients. A social media profile or a website can help you build credibility and also provide you with a space to share the reviews from your clients, so you irradiate trust and show everyone that you have a clean business.

Profiles on bag resale sites


Although social media is a good way to promote your handbags and sell them, they are not the most efficient way to actually sell handbags. Nowadays there are hundreds of bag resale sites to sell Hermès handbags, either in pre-loved condition or that have never been used. Most of these sites allow new resellers or occasional resellers that might need to sell a few bags, while others need to prove that you’re a professional reseller to allow you to sell on their platforms.

Bag resale sites are a wider way to get to clients that are looking for specific Hermès handbags with certain colors, skins, and hardware, and if published, your handbag can show amongst the results of their search. Bag resale sites are the first place to which new Hermès resellers go to start selling, but sometimes these sites can take away more than they actually provide.

Some bag resale sites are designed to take a commission from the total sale of your handbags, so after the sale they take control of the payment operation and they subtract a percentage or a fixed quantity from it. This can certainly be very negative if it works through percentages since it can take a big part of your earnings. Other handbag resale sites require you to ship the handbag to their offices to post it, so it means you don’t have control of your item, and it may be exposed to accidents or theft.

If you want to have full control of your business and obtain the full amount of the sale of the Hermès handbag, sometimes bag resale sites are not the best option to resell luxury items, since they require you to invest money and reduce your earnings, besides your bags may sell slower, especially because they are amongst hundreds of options that may have less deterioration or competitive prices.

That being said, bag resale sites may be beneficial to have a wider look at the resale market, research what is the true value of handbags similar to yours, and have a more diverse amount of channels to sell your handbags, but they are not the best option in the long run.

Connections with other Hermès resellers


To start a successful business as a luxury handbag reseller, it is important that you build connections with other resellers that work with the same brands as you. If you want to dedicate yourself to Hermès resale, it is crucial that you find connections with Hermès resellers, specially if they are professionals since they can help you get certain bags that you may need to purchase to keep your business going, remember that it is not only about selling but also about investing.

There are some resale bag sites, or reseller communities that can help you find other resellers to contact, buy from them or sell them handbags because sometimes other resellers are better clients than actual final customers. So it is always a good sign for your business to have allies or acquaintances in the field that can help you.

How to get the things you need?

Now that you know what you need to become a Hermès reseller, we want to give you some insights on how to start getting the things you need, and for that, we want to offer you an amazing alternative that can help you get everything at once.

As we know that it may be overwhelming and it is not too easy to start as a Hermès reseller, we are willing to support you and help you enter the luxury bag resale, so you can start creating your business from scratch and become a true professional reseller. Keep reading and we will show you the perfect alternative!

Resellers Connector


Resellers Connector is a community destined to unite and connect all the Hermès resellers, whether they are seasoned professionals or newcomers, this safe space allows them to be in constant communication to strike deals, buy, and sell, and also get to new clients. Resellers Connector offers an updated list in which you can post your Hermès handbags with all their details, this list is sent to all the members daily, and if they are interested they can contact you to buy. Minimizing any efforts you need to make in the conventional bag resale sites.

The community of Hermès resellers of Resellers Connector has been built to keep away any scammers, counterfeiters, and thieves, providing a secure environment to make deals with professionals and serious resellers that have a solid business in the Hermès resale. This way you won’t have to fear falling for a scam or purchasing a counterfeit bag.

If a client is interested in your handbag posted in the list, we will contact you immediately and we can serve as an intermediary or put you in direct contact with the person, whatever you prefer. It is safe to say that Resellers Connector doesn’t take any commissions or percentages from your sales, it is merely a service to connect you to other Hermès resellers. However, you can get access to other tools and features with our tailored memberships.

For new Hermès resellers or professionals that need to improve their business, Resellers Connector helps them by offering services to make their work easier and let them focus on the important things. We take away the load of storage, photography, logistics and even purchasing the handbags for you, lending you our team to help you manage your business more efficiently.

These are the services that Resellers Connector offers in tailored memberships:

  • Escrow service: we act as intermediaries to your purchases or sales. We will keep a conversation for you!
  • Bank service: we receive your payments or pay for you if you need it. Use us as your bank!
  • Purchase service: we go to the official stores and purchase handbags for you. We are your personal shoppers!
  • Logistic services: we store your handbags in our specialized warehouse, take professional pictures of them, and ship them to the clients if sold. We are your logistics team!
  • Consignment service: we keep your handbags in good storage and find the right clients to purchase them, we take care of selling them faster and getting you the best earnings possible. Don’t worry and leave your sales in the hands of professionals!
  • Communication and programmed alerts: if you’re interested in a handbag to purchase, we contact you as soon as we find one with the characteristics you need, we send you alerts and all the details in no time. We search for you!
  • Global handbag search tool: we give you access to our global searcher where we compile all the handbags that are available in the updated list, with pictures and filters so you can find exactly what you need faster.

Learn more about why to sell your Hermès handbag with Resellers Connector.

So, do you want to become part of the biggest Hermès reseller community? Become a member today and enjoy all these benefits and more to grow your business.

Start a handbag business from home and seize your investments!