Hermès Bag Leather Guide

We expand the purchasing and selling possibilities, stock, and contacts of our members

We are a tool for resellers.

We monitor all the handbags from all the resellers we know worldwide and from 118 online stores or marketplaces. We gather all this information into a search engine so that any of our members can search, compare, and find the handbag they need in just two clicks.

What makes us unique is that we don't charge any commission on the handbags. This means that the seller publishes the price the buyer sees. When they want to do business, we introduce them to each other so they can negotiate the cost of the handbag, shipping, payment method, shipping insurance, and any other details through a chat, usually WhatsApp.

We offer two types of membership plans:

  • The free one allows selling. And as its name indicates, it's free!
  • The paid one allows buying. The cost is €100 per month.

For the beginners, we have other collaboration formats like:

  1. Dropshipping
  2. Referral

We have created a site for final clients where we can offer them the dropshipping service and a referral code

Sell your bags without paying commissions!

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