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Sell without sales commissions
We don’t charge you a commission per sale.
All the money is yours.
Do you need to find a bag for your client?
The largest stock in the world at your disposal.
Leave the jungle of groups, chats, applications, emails, etc.
A single place with all the bags available and constantly updated.
+2500 bags available to purchase.
Buy with fewer intermediaries
We do not add commissions as intermediaries,
so you save on each purchase.
New and more Contacts for your business
We are a tool, not an intermediary.
You will know your buyer or seller.
Negotiate price, payment, shipping, insurance, etc.
We avoid scammers.
You have to show that you are a professional.
We don't admit everyone.
To be part of the community you must have
references and/or be identified.
Specific Purchase-Sale Contract for reselling
bags between members: (coming soon)
European Jurisdiction: Always in the same country, the same court, the same judges and thus create jurisprudence for positive and faster procedures.
The parties to the contract are identified with the same software that Internet Banks use to open bank accounts.
The parties provides in the contract their real residence: Providing utility bills.
With an extra layer of security, if required by one of the parties, where it is requested to provide proof of ownership of an asset that covers the operation as collateral.
Buy and sell with real data: Average price, quantity of the same bags available, average sales timing, etc.
Resellers market data and Final client market data
Only for professionals
Your clients can’t access this marketplace
so can’t access this stock or these prices
  • Do your maths! With what you would pay for the intermediation of a single bag, you can pay for an entire year's membership! That means all the purchase or sale operations you make during that year will be completely free!
  • Additionally, membership is paid in 12 monthly installments!!!
  • Create a Free Account and sell your bags for free!
  • When you want to buy a bag, request payment registration. This way, instead of paying intermediaries, you pay for membership.
  • And enjoy a year of operations at 0 cost!



1. Discover Resellers Connector

Optimize your business!

Manage all the information you need

  • What should the selling price be?
  • What should the purchase price be?
  • How many bags like yours have been posted?
  • How fast could you sell that bag?

Get special prices

  • Don't miss opportunities!
  • Take advantage of discounts or flash sales from other members.
  • Offer flash sales when you need cash flow.


A free assistant for you!

Find what you need in our reseller list or contact us and we'll find it for you.

A free seller

We will take care of uploading your stock and keeping it updated. Buyers will contact you directly, and you’ll business with them.

Would you like us to sell your accessories stock? We can do it! (minimum sales commission applies)


A partner too!

Ready to buy a product? We'll take care of the details.

We can buy the item with our funds and team, or we can find buyers for your stock. We take care of everything!

Another advantage for you: You can use our banking and billing system easily and safely. You only need a partner like us!

Logistics Service

Escrow service

Photography Service

Loan service

Storage Service

Bag hunter service

Spot them before it's too late!

A list of confirmed scammers will be available for you

If you think you've spotted a scammer not included in the list, please let us know.

Comming soon

Products and services for emergencies

Hardware protector stickers

Boxes for bags (between members)

Spa services

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  • Handbags' List
  • Updated in real-time
  • Post bags
  • Global search
  • Scammers List
  • Handbags List with Prices
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Customized price
  • Bag Hunter service
  • Bank Service
  • Loan Service
  • Escrow Service
  • Logistics Service
  • Storage Service
  • Photography Service
  • Data Service
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