Can you resell Hermès bags?

Luxury resale is a very wide business, and each year, more people express interest in joining and starting their own resale company. If you’re new to Hermès resale, you might be wondering, Can you resell Hermès bags? The reality is that you can, and we will show you how to do it legally.

Keep reading and discover how to build a Hermès resale business properly without repercussions.

  1. Are you allowed to resell Hermès bags?
  2. How to resell Hermès bags legally?
  3. Can you make money reselling Hermès bags?

Are you allowed to resell Hermès bags?


First of all, you need to know that reselling Hermès bags is an allowed activity, it is just like any buy and sell operation performed with any type of merchandise. This means that you can invest in Hermès handbags, purchasing them through official channels or from Hermès resellers, and then sell them to your clients without any trouble.

However, everything requires certain aspects that you must meet and follow to provide a legal service. Luxury resale activity has been frowned upon by fashion brands, leading to some misconceptions. But, this doesn’t mean it is an illegal activity. In fact, it’s neither punished by law nor condemned in any way when conducted properly.

How to resell Hermès bags legally?


To start your Hermès handbag business properly, you need to register a company in your country or place of residence. This will enable you to pay taxes and declare your income legally. On the other hand, you should also open a company bank account to store your profit and invest using this account.

Another key aspect is to always purchase authentic Hermès bags. This is crucial because the perception of Hermès resale as an illegal activity stems from the large number of people selling counterfeit handbags as genuine. Therefore, it’s important to buy only from trustworthy sources and never sell fake bags, as this will lead to legal actions.

Can you make money reselling Hermès bags?


The answer is yes, you can make really good money by reselling Hermès bags. These handbags are valuable luxury products that not only retain their value, but also tend to revalue over time. This means that if you invest in quality Hermès bags today, you can sell them for a significant profit in a few months or years.

Many Hermès resellers find a way to make their business a passive income strategy, so they only buy and sell to get a good profit each month and invest it in other assets or personal finances. If you become a Hermès reseller you can make good money, but you need to be willing to invest great sums to make it work.

So, are you ready to become a Hermès reseller?

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