How to identify a professional luxury reseller?

Luxury resale has become a very important business in the last few years, with the continued revaluation of luxury products, especially Hermès Birkin bags, the investment in these accessories can be very profitable in the future by selling them.

This is why there is a growing community of luxury resellers that focus on buying and selling Hermès handbags all over the world, and although most of them manage their business properly, there are some scammers, counterfeiters, and thieves that people must identify to avoid them.

In Resellers Connector we want to do everything we can to expose scammers and praise the resellers that conduct their job professionally, that’s why we want to give you some tips on how to identify a professional luxury reseller, to know if it is wise to trust them and make a deal. Pay attention and learn more!


  1. Research their name online
  2. Ask in the luxury resellers’ community
  3. Analyze the way in which they operate
  4. See if they provide traceability
  5. Check how they conduct shipments
  6. Look at how they treat clients


Research their name online


Luxury resellers usually make business on many online platforms, from traditional marketplaces like Rebag, TheRealReal, Vestiaire Collective, and Fashionphile, to social media and many other channels. This gives you the advantage to learn more about them and how they have conducted their business, to research you just have to Google their name or brand’s name, and you can even add “review” “opinion” or “scam” beside their name, that way you cover any possible Google search regarding them.

Pay attention to forums that may show in Google results, such as Reddit and some other luxury-related forums from the marketplaces. These are usually good places to learn about someone’s reputation. You can also check their social media accounts for comments on the pictures, if there are bad reviews, people tend to express themselves in the comments, if you’re lucky they might not have had the time to erase them.

If you don’t find any negative comments about a luxury reseller at all, or if instead, you find good reviews, then it must be someone that you can trust. If you don’t find any comments about said person or company, it might just be that they are too new to the resale world, and it is better to avoid them until they can have a proven reputation.

Ask in the luxury resellers’ community


It is well known that luxury resellers tend to make deals with other resellers, because it is an easier way to sell or buy items, especially because they’re experts that know the value of each handbag, and because they know how the resale market works. This is why if you want to know if a reseller is a professional, you can ask other resellers about them. It is really likely that they have come across this person at some point, and that they have made business with them.

The best way to access a great community of professional resellers is through Resellers Connector, a platform that unites a big group of resellers and connects them to make deals. Resellers Connector’s channels of communication are located on Whatsapp, so it is easy to contact other resellers and ask about the reputation of the professional you want to reach.

One great advantage is that Resellers Connector also has an updated scammers list that you can access by becoming a member, this way you know that if the reseller you want to contact is not included in the list, then it is a professional person that works under the law.

Analyze the way in which they operate


There is no better way to identify a professional reseller than actually trying to make a deal with them, and although it might be risky because you don’t know if they are actually professionals, you can start to communicate to see how it works and if it is convenient for you.

By communicating with a reseller you start to learn if they show real interest in you as a client, and if they are fast enough to answer your messages. It also helps you see what they promise in their sale, for example, if the Hermès handbag that they are offering is new or pre-loved, or if it contains all the elements that should come with it.

This also helps to see if they offer authenticity elements with the items they are selling, take into account that this can make or break a purchase since you should never buy a Hermès handbag that doesn’t come with an original invoice, the official orange box and many other authenticity elements, such as the payment ticket and traceability of the purchase.

Analyzing how a reseller advertises their product, how they treat a client, and how they explain the process to purchase the handbags from them, can help you get a sense of clarity about this person and it can help you trust them if you have already received good reviews and comments about them.

See if they provide traceability


It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a brand new Hermès handbag or a pre-loved one, the most important element that identifies a professional reseller is their way to offer credibility, traceability, and authenticity to the clients that want to buy a handbag.

This is easily seen in the way they present the elements even before being asked about them because this means that they value authenticity and that they know how important it is to everyone. So a great way to know if a reseller is a true professional and someone trustworthy, is that they offer you every detail about the handbag you want to purchase, from the stamp and year of creation to all the complements the bag should come with and the official invoice from the Hermès store.

These elements are key to guarantee that your purchase is secure and that there is no hidden situation, this demonstrates that you’re buying an authentic Hermès handbag and that you’re not falling for a scam. It is also really important that the reseller is honest about the status of the bag, if there are some signs of wear and tear they should always communicate it in advance.

Check how they conduct shipments


When purchasing a Hermès handbag through a reseller, it is very common to need a shipment, because it is very likely that you bought the bag from someone that lives in a different country or city, this is why you require a shipment from a  trustworthy company.

While identifying a professional luxury reseller, it is crucial that you see how they organize the shipment of the item, they must always offer you the details about the shipment services they have chosen, as well as the tracking number to follow your package, and also they must offer you the possibility to ask for insurance to transport your handbag. Insurance is really important to avoid losing the value you paid for the bag in case something goes wrong with the delivery.

If a reseller is glad to give you every detail about the shipment, and once they ship it they are always asking if you got it, then it shows they really care about their business and they want their clients to be pleased, this is a good sign and you know that they are professionals.

Look at how they treat their clients


Clients are the basis of every business, and the case of luxury resale is no exception, a good professional reseller will always try to do their best to please their clients, so it is an important aspect you need to pay attention to. Check how the reseller treats their clients in social media comments, check reviews on their reputation, and also ponder how polite they were, etc.

If you decide to purchase from them, see how they treat you, if they are friendly, and how well they are willing to explain every single detail about the handbag, the shipment, the payment process, etc. They need to give signs of professionalism in each one of these aspects for you to trust them and know you’re dealing with a true professional.

We hope we have clarified your doubts and given you an insight on how to identify a professional luxury reseller, so now you’re prepared to deal only with professionals and make the most of your investment.

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