How to keep a Hermès bag in storage?

Hermès handbags are very delicate luxury accessories made of premium materials, such as calfskin, crocodile, lizard, and ostrich leather, this is why they need to be kept in good condition in order to revalue with time. If you’re a new Hermès reseller or you need to find a better way to store the Hermès handbags you have in stock, we want to show you some tips on how to keep a Hermès bag in storage.

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  1. How to store a Hermès handbag?
  2. Should you keep the plastic seals?
  3. Where to store a Hermès handbag?
  4. How to avoid accidents?
  5. How to restore a Hermès handbag?
  6. Which are other storage alternatives?
  7. What if you use the handbag?

How to store a Hermès handbag?


When storing a Hermès handbag for a long time, the best choice is to keep it inside its original box since it is designed to maintain its characteristics unscratched and protect it from any external agents.

While placing the Hermès handbag in its box, it is necessary that you apply a dry acid-free filling inside to keep it in shape, the acid-free quality will help you avoid any stains on the skin. You can also opt for a bag storage pillow, a shaper made specifically for Hermès handbags in all models and sizes, so the bag can keep its consistency and you can avoid any bends on the skin.

However, you shouldn’t overfill the bag, because it can cause more damage, especially to the stitches that can expand and start to get loose if too much pressure is applied. Try to keep it in a regular shape that allows it to close correctly with the straps and the turning closure.

On the other hand, don’t place the handbag directly inside the box, always use the original dust bag that is made to keep the integrity of the materials. Make sure to detach the strap in the case of the Kelly bag, and the clochette with the padlock and keys, these pieces should be placed in their respective dust bags inside the box. If you still have the felt piece that your bag came with, make sure to place it between the flap and the straps, so you can complete the protection and keep the handbag secured.

When putting the Hermès handbag inside the dust bag and box, take into consideration that it needs to fit perfectly, so the handles or any other part won’t suffer any bending or bad positioning, because it can cause deformations and breakage of the skin as time goes by.

Should you keep the plastic seals?


This point has caused a lot of debate among Hermès resellers because these handbags come with plastic seals that protect the hardware all over the bags, and although these plastic coverings are essential to avoid scratches on hardware, they are not always beneficial.

When you’re planning on storing a Hermès handbag for a long time, let’s say months or years, the plastic seals can be damaging to the hardware, because they contain a glue component that makes them possible to stick to the hardware, with time and temperature fluctuations, the plastic seals can adhere to the metal and damage its shine with tarnishing.

If you are going to store your Hermès handbag for a long time, consider taking the plastic seals off. In the case of the metal bottom studs, they tend to scratch more easily, we suggest you use small rubber caps to cover them and avoid any damage.

Where to store a Hermès handbag?


As we mentioned before, Hermès handbag materials are of high-quality, which means they can resist the passage of time, but they need to be properly cared for in order to look as good as possible. For this, it is necessary that you learn about the right environment to keep genuine leather and high-quality metals.

Hermès handbags should ideally be placed in an environment with a stable temperature that oscillates between 15°C to 23°C. This can help the skin maintain its lustrous appearance, its firmness and also avoid any cracks and breaks. However, there are some Hermès skins that are more susceptible than others. For example, crocodile skin is very susceptible to extreme temperatures, either too high or too low, as it tends to wrinkle and crack. So it is important to establish a room with the right temperature to store your Hermès handbag.

On the other hand, humidity is also a big enemy of quality skin and hardware. If not properly controlled, humidity can sprout the growth of mold, causing bad odor and stains on the natural skin. It can also tarnish the hardware faster and make it lose its shine. Be aware that the perfect humidity percentage to keep Hermès handbags is about 30% to 40%. So make sure that the humidity in the room is not too high or too low since dryness in the environment can also produce wrinkles and cracks. To keep the right humidity in a room, consider buying a humidifier or a dehumidifier, depending on the climate of the country where you’re located.

To store a Hermès handbag properly, look for a space that has all of these characteristics and that is away from direct sunlight. If you’re storing multiple Hermès handbags at a time, try not to crowd them all in the same space, and don’t put a box on top of another one, because it can cause deformations on the structure of the handbags.

How to avoid accidents?


Sometimes you can keep good care of your Hermès handbags, but accidents can always happen. There are many accidents that can damage your handbags, so you must be aware and check every possible detail about the place where you’re going to store the bags. Here are a few ideas to avoid accidents:

  • Minimize the fire hazards, and unplug any electrical devices that can be inside the room. 
  • Don’t put the handbags under fire detectors, since they can activate and wet the boxes and contents.
  • Avoid any source of heat inside the room, take special attention to lightbulbs that may be near the boxes. The direct heat can cause damage to the bags and also burn the boxes.
  • Avoid kids and pets around the boxes of the handbags, they may knock them or damage them.
  • While manipulating the bags, use clean silk gloves, to avoid staining their materials.
  • Don’t consume any drinks or food near the handbags or boxes, and don’t store any object that can cause stains inside them, such as a pen.
  • Don’t smoke near the boxes or inside the room. The smoke can adhere to the materials and cause a bad odor. The smoke can also activate nearby fire detectors.
  • To be alert and avoid the theft of any of your handbags, install a security system on the door that leads to the room where they are located. Consider installing security cameras around your home or office and don’t allow the entrance to strangers or untrustworthy people.

How to restore a Hermès handbag?


Regardless of if you took good care of the handbags or if you tried to avoid any accidents, the materials of the Hermès bags may show some signs of deterioration with time, since it is the natural reaction of genuine leather and precious metals because they need maintenance and restoration to look good over time.

This is why we recommend you take out the handbags of their boxes at least once or twice a month, to check that they are in the perfect position and that they have not been damaged by any external or internal agent. 

When you take them out of the box, make sure to wipe them with a soft lint-free cloth to remove any dust buildup or any dirt. Manipulate them only with freshly washed hands, or using silk gloves. Check the skin for any stains and apply a special high-quality leather conditioner, it can remove any minor stains and keep the skin moisturized to avoid cracks or wrinkles. You should also clean the hardware with a microfiber cloth to remove any fingerprints or dirt that has accumulated and that can potentially tarnish the metal.

If your Hermès handbag shows major signs of deterioration, or if you had an accident and the leather is stained, make sure to take the handbag to the Hermès maintenance service, for a certain price, the artisans are willing to receive the bag and apply the necessary restorations to return it back to its former shape.

Which are other storage alternatives?


Although the majority of the starting Hermès resellers use a room in their homes to store their Hermès handbags, when they start to get serious in this business, they need bigger storage or a place where they can keep the handbags safely and avoid accidents.

If you’re a new Hermès reseller or you are a professional but you feel that you don’t have enough room in your home or office, we offer you a fantastic alternative so that you can be sure that your bags are going to be protected and in perfect condition for your next sales.

Resellers Connector offers a tailored membership with specific services that you can select, one of them is the storing service, where we keep your Hermès handbags in our warehouse that meets the perfect conditions for keeping these luxury items. We take good care of your bags, with security and monitoring at all times, and whenever you complete a sale, we ship the handbag to the client's location. Free yourself from any concerns and trust us with your Hermès handbags for a better storing option!

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What if you use the handbag?


If you have decided to use the handbag you invested in to then sell it as a pre-loved accessory, you also need to take into consideration the storing and maintenance aspects, since the most important thing to retain value is the condition of the handbag. You can have a limited edition Himalaya Birkin with diamond hardware, but if it is in bad condition and the wearing is evident, then you won’t obtain as much as you like.

This is why we want to give you some tips on how to maintain the integrity and condition of a Hermès handbag that you use:

  • Store it following the instructions detailed above. You must comply with all of these steps to keep the bag as good as possible.
  • Try to rotate the handbag. Don’t use it on a daily basis, because the wear of carrying it and exposing it will deteriorate it faster.
  • Avoid bumping it with rough surfaces in your surroundings while using it, especially mind the bottom studs and the hardware, use rubber caps to protect them.
  • Don’t consume any drinks or foods near the handbag. If you’re going to use it for lunch or dinner at a restaurant, make sure to wrap it in its dust bag just in case of a spillage or accident. You can also use the rain cover for this purpose.
  • Don’t use it on a rainy day. Unless you know you’re not going to step outside, avoid wearing it when it is raining, since it can be affected by the water and also the humidity in the atmosphere. If you wear it on a rainy day, use the rain cover.
  • Don’t overfill your bag with your belongings, it may cause damage to the skin and the handles. Remember not to store products that can stain the handbag, such as pens or makeup.
  • Don’t leave it unattended with babies, kids, or pets. They may play with the clochette, pull too hard, scratch the hardware, or even stain the leather with crayons or any substance.
  • After using the bag, wash your hands thoroughly and use a microfiber cloth to wipe it entirely, this way you can remove any dirt or oils. Use high-quality leather conditioner if needed to remove a stain.
  • Don’t apply perfume, lotions, or any kind of liquid close to the bag, or don’t hang it in the crook of your arm after applying any product. As the chemicals may damage the leather of the handles.

We hope we have clarified your doubts about how to keep a Hermès bag in storage. Now you know how to act and what to do if you want to store your handbags before selling them. 

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