Which Hermès bag is the most purchased?

Hermès is a brand that has the most sought-after luxury products, and it is for a reason, since Hermès handbags are capable of retaining their value very well and also increase it, especially if they feature certain colors and skins. But, which Hermès bag is the most purchased

If you’re a beginner to the Hermès resale world, you are certainly looking for the best Hermès handbag to buy and invest, so here we will show you which are the most bought Hermès handbags. Keep reading and find out!

  1. Birkin bag
  2. Kelly bag
  3. Constance bag

Birkin bag


Topping the list of the most bought Hermès bags is the remarkable Birkin. Introduced in 1984, this handbag has been a resounding success and has become an iconic representation of the Hermès brand. Its popularity among retail customers, collectors, and Hermès resellers stems from its ability to not just retain, but double or even triple its value in the luxury resale market.

The Birkin bag not only has the most recognizable silhouette of the brands’ handbags, but it is also the most valuable amongst other fashion brands’ handbags. It has been proved that the Birkin bag has a high percentage of appreciation, making it a profitable investment for those who purchase it and keep it in good condition over several years.

As a consequence, the Birkin bag is the most bought and sought-after amongst Hermès handbags, and it continues to be the one that reaches the highest resale values, either in the luxury resale market or worldwide auctions.

Kelly bag


Coming in second is the Kelly bag, the original Hermès handbag and an enduring icon. Made famous by Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, the Kelly bag remains a highly sought-after accessory, reaching high ranks in the luxury market and achieving strong resale values.

The Kelly bag and its incredible skin and color combinations have been featured in innumerable marketplaces and auctions all over the world, and this trapezoidal bag still proves that a classic design can be coveted, no matter the moment in time.

A Kelly bag is a truly incredible investment option, as it can reach values comparable to those of the Birkin bag. Besides, its classic and timeless appeal will always attract those that want to wear a piece of history with pride.

Constance bag


The little sibling of the Hermès Trilogy, the Constance bag, introduced in 1959 became a revolutionary handbag for modern women in need of a comfortable bag to carry their belongings. Today, the Constance bag is very popular in social media thanks to its iconic “H” clasp design and its compact body, which is leading influencers and fashion enthusiasts to purchase it.

Although not as pricey as the Birkin or Kelly bags, the Constance can reach good numbers in the luxury resale market and auctions, especially if it is made with an exotic skin, such as crocodile, lizard or alligator. The Constance bag can easily keep its value stable and revalue in no time, this is why it is the third most bought Hermès bag, and a very good choice to invest in.

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