Guide to the most valuable Hermès handbag colors

To be a successful reseller in the world of Hermès resale, it is important to have a broader view of the luxury handbag market, and this can be done by studying the most sought-after and valuable characteristics of the Hermès handbags to invest in these pieces and get a higher profit as the best Hermès resellers.

This is why in Reseller Connector want that you being the best Hermès resellers, and We want to give you some insights into the most valuable and coveted Hermès handbag colors of the moment, so you can know exactly in which colors to invest in to resell them in the future.

  1. Timeless classic colors
    1. Gold (06)
    2. Noir (89)
    3. Nata (I2)
    4. Craie (10)
    5. Etain (8F)
    6. Etoupe (18)
  2. Trendy pastel colors
    1. Rose Sakura (3Q)
    2. Vert Criquet (3I)
    3. Bleu Brume (T0)
    4. Mauve Sylvestre (X9)
    5. Jaune Poussin (1Z)
    6. Mushroom (0T)
    7. Mauve Pale (09)

Timeless classic colors

It is well-known that there are hundreds of Hermès colors nowadays, but certain classic colors will always be preferred amongst customers and are a timeless option to style. This characteristic makes them perfect choices to invest in since they will always retain their value and be in style, and this guarantees that clients will want to purchase them no matter the season or year.

Next, we will show you the most classic Hermès colors that retain and increase their value in the Hermès resale market

Gold (06)


Representing the most used color in Hermès handbags, Gold is a rich tan color that gives the vibes of caramel or honey, this beautiful shade is the most popular thanks to its versatility, since it can be matched perfectly all year long. The fame of the Gold color comes from the moment in which the Kelly bag peaked thanks to actress Grace Kelly, who covered her baby bump with a Gold Kelly bag, since then, this Hermès color has been a favorite.

In terms of the resale market, the Gold color is on the top of the charts next to Noir, since it keeps being a classic and is highly preferred amongst Hermès fans either in Epsom or Togo skin. Gold color is commonly applied to calfskin to accentuate the grainy textures for a natural look.

Noir (89)


Noir or black, is next to Gold amongst the favorite Hermès colors. Black has always been a classic in the fashion world because it is capable of portraying elegance and sophistication, this is why the Noir color is one of the most requested and applied in Hermès handbags in all types of skin, enhancing every texture, from calfskin to exotic crocodile and lizard. 

When it comes to its position in the resale market, the Noir color is the most sought-after thanks to its neutral appearance and the ability to match it with every outfit. Clients tend to look for it in any skin, size, and hardware combination, so it is a safe investment to purchase a Noir Hermès handbag to resell in the future.

Nata (I2)


Nata is a color introduced by Hermès in 2019, and although it hasn’t been a classic in the brand, it has quickly become a very coveted color. Very similar to Craie, but with a slight yellow undertone, Nata is a beautiful alternative that clients prefer instead of the traditional Blanc (white) color. This is why, the Nata which means “cream” in Spanish, has become a favorite on the Hermès resale market.

This color is commonly mistaken by Craie, but at the end of the day, the clients are happy to have either of these colors in their handbags. Nata is very popular in the resale market and it is worth it to invest in.

Craie (10)


The famous Craie or chalk color is a Hermès timeless choice for people that want a shade similar to white but with a softer approach. Craie is a variation of white with a slight grey tint that proves to be very fashionable for every season of the year. Craie has become a very sought-after color in the resale market, retaining its value and even increasing it.

As we mentioned above, the Craie can often be mistaken for Nata, and they are both very neutral and classic colors that are sought by clients. If you invest in a Hermès handbag in Craie you will certainly have a big profit from it at the moment.

Etain (8F)


From the Hermès grey collection, the Etain (pewter) features a smokey grey with bark-brown undertones. Etain is considered a neutral shade since it can perfectly be matched with any outfit all year long. Since its inception in 2011, Etain has become a favorite amongst Hermès clients in the resale market. 

This neutral shade continues to be very popular and it can sell faster than any other Hermès colors in the resale market, so it is a hue worth investing and it should always be part of the collection of handbags you expect to sell.

Etoupe (18)


Often confused with Etain due to its similar tonality, the Hermès Etoupe color is a neutral and warm shade of brown with greyish undertones. Like its sibling color, Etoupe (tow) is a popular shade in the resale market, since it is a timeless hue that can pair very well with any ensemble. Etoupe is a very used shade to produce Hermès handbags in calfskin and is very sought-after for this reason.

If you purchase Hermès handbags in Etoupe color, you will surely have a great advantage to obtain a greater profit, since they retain their value and can sell really fast. A Hermès Etoupe handbag is a great investment choice.

Trendy pastel colors

In the last few years, the fashion world has seen a change in the trendy colors, some time ago in the early 2000’s the fashion industry was all about bright and electric shades, but with time, the market has steered away from these colors to welcome the pastels or commonly known as “wedding colors”. These beautiful tones represent their brightness in a subtle way and give the feeling of spring and summer.

Regardless of the season, Hermès pastel colors have come to stay and continue to be popular amongst the fashion enthusiasts who look for these shades in the resale market. Here we show you the most valuable Hermès pastel colors of the moment.

Rose Sakura (3Q)


Rose Sakura is a precious soft pink color reminiscent of the Sakura Cherry Blossom trees in Japan. This feminine shade was introduced by Hermès in 2014 and since then it has become one of the most acclaimed pinks ever produced by the brand. This shade is commonly applied to Hermès Birkin bags in size 25 and Mini Kelly handbags in Swift skin. The versatility of this pastel shade makes it a perfect color touch to any ensemble, either in warm or cold seasons of the year.

In the resale market, Rose Sakura handbags do tremendously well and they are very sought-after. The soft pink shade of Rose Sakura makes it a favorite and it is an indispensable investment that you should do to grow your handbag business from home.

Vert Criquet (3I)


Vert Criquet or cricket green is one of the favorite pastel colors of the Hermès collection. Introduced in 2020, this beautiful pistachio hue is perfect to match summer and spring outfits, and it is also versatile to be worn during the colder months of the year. With the introduction of Vert Criquet, the pastel color fever became more pronounced and Hermès fans can’t get enough of this shade.

The success of Vert Criquet reflects in the resale market since it became one of the most sold colors in a few years and is capable of retaining and increasing its value. The spring hue of the Vert Criquet is sure to continue for years and it represents a safe and smart investment.

Bleu Brume (T0)


Bleu Brume which means blue mist is a beautiful ice blue pastel shade that became popular since its introduction as part of the 2020 collection. Just like Vert Criquet, Bleu Brume was created as a pastel alternative to the varied blue Hermès shades, and this soft color quickly became acclaimed amongst the fashion enthusiast, offering a lot of versatility and style, since it is also considered a neutral option.

Today, Bleu Brume continues to be a sought-after color in the Hermès resale market, and it is commonly seen in Birkin and Kelly handbags in medium to small sizes in soft calfskins, such as Swift or Clemence. Bleu Brume is undoubtedly a fantastic choice to invest in and resell in the future.

Mauve Sylvestre (X9)


Mauve Sylvestre is a delicate pastel pink with a lilac touch reminiscent of woodland wildflowers. This beautiful shade became a very popular option for fashion enthusiasts after pastel colors blew up as a trend. The Hermès Mauve Sylvestre color is commonly applied to handbags made of calfskin, particularly Epsom and Clemence, although it has also been produced in Chévre Mysore goatskin. 

This marvelous spring pink shade is a good selling color in the resale market, not only due to its recent introduction in the Hermès collection but also because it has won the hearts of Hermès enthusiasts. It is equally acclaimed in gold and palladium-plated hardware. Without a doubt, the Hermès Mauve Sylvestre is a fantastic color to invest in.

Jaune Poussin (1Z)


Jaune Poussin or yellow chick is a soft shade of yellow with a slight green undertone. This pastel color has become a very interesting shade since it offers a new approach to the Hermès traditional yellows, which tend to be stronger and brighter. This soft color has obtained a greater value and is sought-after thanks to its pastel characteristic.

Although this shade was part of a spring and summer collection in Hermès, it can easily be matched all year to add a pop of color to any outfit and to brighten up looks. Jaune Poussin is a perfect option to invest in gold or palladium hardware.

Mushroom (0T)


Mushroom is a new color from the Hermès fall/winter 2022 collection, this hue offers a very interesting and innovative approach to white, it can be described as a washed-out grey with slight silver undertones. Mushroom can easily become one of the classic neutral colors in the future, as it pairs brilliantly with gold and palladium hardware and it is a very versatile shade.

When it comes to the Hermès resale market, Mushroom is currently on the rise in the luxury handbag resale market, as it is a very recent color starting to show in official stores. Its success will depend on how it goes in the future, but for now, it is a great investment option to sell in the short term. Mushroom has been seen applied to small-sized Birkin and Kelly handbags.

Mauve Pale (09)


Mauve Pale alongside Mushroom is part of the new Hermès 2022 collection, this gorgeous pastel color has become a very popular shade since its inception because it is a lighter version of the Mauve Sylvestre color, but with an added touch of purple. Hermès pinks have always been favorites amongst Hermès enthusiasts, and Mauve Pale is surely winning everyone's affection.

Just like the Mushroom color, this shade is too new to predict if it is going to be a success for a long time, but as for now, it has been highly sought-after and coveted in the Hermès resale market. Mauve Pale can be expected to rule over the resale market for at least a few more years.

So, what do you think of the most valuable Hermès handbag colors in resale?

Now that you know which are the hottest colors in the Hermès resale market, you can plan your investments carefully and start generating higher incomes with your Hermès handbags. Whether you want to keep a steady and safe investment in Hermès classic colors or go all in for the new pastels, you are sure to make the most out of your business.

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