Guide to the most valuable Hermès handbag sizes

The Hermès resale has become a very coveted market in the last few years, with investors planning their next purchases smartly to seize their future profits. To be a successful Hermès reseller, it is important that you research and get informed about the latest trends in the Hermès resale market so that you can take advantage of it and make your handbag business grow as best Hermès resellers.

In the following guide, we will tell you about the most valuable Hermès handbag sizes, the ones that are the most sought-after in the resale market, and that are capable of selling for higher values and faster. Pay attention!

  1. The most coveted Birkin handbag sizes
  2. The most coveted Kelly handbag sizes
  3. The most coveted Constance handbag sizes

The most coveted Birkin handbag sizes


Lately, the luxury handbag fashion trends have praised the small bags that can be carried easily and that provide a lot of versatility. In the case of the Hermès resale market, the Birkin bags are increasingly popular in the smallest size, like the 25, corresponding to the number of centimeters measured in its base. 

The Birkin 25 is sought-after with a higher rate in calfskin, especially Togo and Epsom skins. Although small Birkin exotic skin handbags also have a tremendous impact in the resale market, they will always revalue over time. As for colors, classic shades such as Gold, Noir, Etoupe, and Etain are always a safe investment. If you want to make a bolder investment, pastel colors such as Vert Criquet, Mauve Sylvestre, and Bleu Brume are currently very popular and coveted.

The most coveted Kelly handbag sizes


As it is common in the Hermès resale market, small Kelly handbag sizes are the most sought-after amongst resellers, investors, and clients. The Kelly Mini 20 and Kelly 25, are both in high demand, selling faster and obtaining a higher value with time as all designer bags. 

It must be noted that the Mini Kelly 20 handbags are preferred in exotic skins, such as Porosus Crocodile, Niloticus Crocodile, and Lizard, especially in dark and bold colors or trendy colors such as the famous pastels. When it comes to the Kelly 25, it is often sought in classic combinations, in calfskins such as Epsom or Togo, and in timeless colors like Noir, Gold, Nata, or Craie. The hardware for the classic combinations is often sought-after in gold-plated hardware.

The most coveted Constance handbag sizes


The Constance handbag is the third most sought-after in the Hermès resale market, and although it is not as popular as the Birkin or Kelly, it is still a good choice to invest and it is acclaimed by clients, investors, and resellers. The Constance bag is already a small handbag, so it is a great choice to fit the current trend in the luxury marketplace resellers.

When it comes to sizes, the Constance bag is often preferred in the Mini 18 size, however, the Micro Constance is a coveted handbag, especially when it is made of exotic skins, such as Porosus Crocodile and Lizard. In exotic combinations, dark colors are the most sought-after, including the classic Noir. While the Constance 18 is usually sought in timeless colors like Gold and Etoupe, and calfskin. The Constance 18 can also be sought in pastel colors such as Mauve Sylvestre and Rose Sakura, preferably with gold hardware.

So, what do you think of the most valuable Hermès handbag sizes in the resale market?

Now that you know a little bit more about the trends and which sizes of Birkin, Kelly, and Constance handbags are selling faster, you can seize the opportunity to plan your investments and make the most out of your handbag business as a Hermès reseller.

Learn everything about the sizes and versions of the Birkin, Kelly, and Constance handbags.

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