How to buy a bag on Resellers Connector?

If you have come across our great community for Hermès resellers online, you must be excited to start finding the luxury handbags you need for your clients and make some good profits. At Resellers Connector we are committed to provide you with a safe environment for your Hermès handbag purchases and we help you find the perfect product faster than in any other online marketplace.

This is why we created this simple guide to help you learn how to buy a bag on Resellers Connector, so your transactions can be faster, better and more profitable in the long run. Keep reading and discover how to find and buy a Hermès bag in Resellers Connector!

  1. Join Resellers Connector for free
  2. Look through the updated daily list
  3. Ask for the bag
  4. Communicate with the seller
  5. Make the purchase
  6. Receive the Hermès bag
  7. We assist you with your purchases

Join Resellers Connector for free


Joining Resellers Connector is a very easy task, you just need to click the “Join Us” button in the basic free membership, this will redirect you to fill out a form with your basic information. At Resellers Connector we need this data to know you as a person and also to certify that you’re a professional Hermès reseller and that your work is clean. If you join as a recommendation from another reseller, you have a better prospect to enter our community.

Once you fill out the form with your information, it will take a short time for us to review it. After the review, we will grant you free access to our community and Whatsapp. In this way, you can start finding the bags you need more urgently to sell to your clients.

Look through the updated daily list


At Resellers Connector we take pride in our wide community in which professional Hermès resellers, collectors and newcomers in the handbag business can interact and share their available stock to get more sales. This is why we compile all our members' stock lists and update them in one master list in which you can browse for the handbag you’re looking for.

Our list is updated daily and broadcasted in our Whatsapp channels so you can have access to it every day at any time you want. The list is divided by handbag models, so you can search just the model you want. It also gives details of the bag's construction, leather, color, hardware, date stamp and price. The bag’s condition is also on the list, whether it is brand-new, pre-loved or vintage. 

At our website we also offer an additional searching tool that can be of help if you’re in a rush and you don’t have the time to look through the list. If you subscribe to our Silver Membership you gain access to our global search tool that allows you to filter the handbag you want in our database, that is also updated daily like the Whatsapp list. This way you can easily filter the characteristics of the Hermès handbag you’re looking for and find it faster.

If you’re subscribed to our customized services membership, you also get access to the bag hunter service. With this service, you can reach out to our team and we’ll locate the bag faster. We do this by checking our community members’ stock or using other contacts. Additionally, you can set up alerts so you’ll be notified when we find the handbag you’ve been searching for.

Ask for the bag


Once you have found the bag you need, either through the Whatsapp list, the global search tool or the bag hunter service, you can ask our team for the bag and the seller that offers it. We will direct you straight to the reseller so you can communicate and make a deal.

Resellers Connector is a tool that allows you to make your buy and sale processes easier and faster, providing you with shortcuts and support. However, we believe that the handbag deal must be done only between buyer and seller, so the communication is straightforward and you can resolve all your doubts before buying.

This being said, we don’t intervene if it is not necessary and we don’t take commissions from the sales, so we only serve as a bridge to connect you to the bags you need to buy, or the potential buyers to sell your stock.

Communicate with the seller


When we have put you in contact with the seller, you can start asking all the questions you need about the Hermès handbag. We suggest you ask for pictures to make sure that the bag offered meets the characteristics and conditions described. You should also ask about the authenticity elements that the seller is going to provide to prove the genuineness of the luxury bag.

During the communication stage and if you decide to buy the bag, you can also discuss the payment methods and the shipping with the seller, whether they offer free shipping or you have to take care of the expenses to bring the handbag to your location.

Our community has been built through a security system that doesn’t allow any scammers, thieves or counterfeiters in our platform, so you can rest assured that the seller you’re going to contact is someone with credibility and a good treatment to their clients. They are going to provide authenticity proof and also the whole original packaging of the handbag.

However, if you have doubts about the information the seller is providing, or if you identify any red flags, we urge you to contact us to provide you support or to handle the situation in case you need help. You can identify resellers’ red flags in this post.

Additionally, at Resellers Connector we are working on a contract that can be signed by both parties to make sure that every responsibility is met. If you request the contract, Resellers Connector will provide it and serve as a witness to the deals you have made with the seller. This way both parties will be protected if any of them fails to comply with their responsibilities.

Make the purchase


When you have already discussed all the necessary information to buy the Hermès handbag, it will be time to meet your responsibility as a buyer: you need to pay for the luxury product. If you agree on the price and the payment method you can simply proceed and wait for their confirmation that the payment was successful, then the seller should continue with the shipping.

If you’re purchasing a handbag from this reseller for the first time, or if you’re still wary about the process, we at Resellers Connector are here to help. We provide customized services to greatly assist you during the purchase. By hiring our escrow service, we can act as a trusted intermediary. We receive both the payment and the handbag, ensure their authenticity and safety, and then distribute them accordingly: the payment goes to the seller and the verified handbag is sent to you.

With our escrow service, you can feel secure and find support in us to help you make your purchase, protecting you from counterfeits or scammers. It’s worth noting that such issues are extremely rare in our community, thanks to our stringent security measures that ensure a peaceful and trustworthy environment for transactions.

Receive the Hermès handbag


Once the process is completed smoothly, either through the escrow service or the conventional way, you will receive the Hermès handbag you desired, for your personal investment or for your clients. The seller will handle the shipping, taking into account the agreement you previously made. They will use the appropriate shipping company and necessary insurance to ensure the integrity of the luxury handbag.

When you receive your Hermès bag, make sure to check it thoroughly to confirm that everything is as described by the seller, and verify the authenticity documents to ensure you have a legitimate piece. If everything is in order, contact your seller to let them know that you received the handbag correctly. You can also reach out to us to share your experience. If there was anything about the seller’s conduct that bothered you, please let us know so we can take appropriate action if needed.

We assist you with your purchases


At Resellers Connector we always prioritize the direct connections between sellers and buyers, but we are available to help you out in any way that you need. With our customized membership you can gain access to additional services that can make your life easier and make your business grow. 

If you need to buy handbags in Resellers Connector, we offer you tailored services to accompany you during the process. Here are some of the best choices to help you in the purchases in our marketplace:

  • Escrow service: We serve as intermediaries if you request it. We receive the money and the bag and make sure that everything complies with the agreement, then we release both of them and send them directly to the seller and buyer. We are here to support you if you are starting your business relationships.
  • Bag hunter service: Let us know the exact handbag you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to find it immediately. We’ll search among our contacts, our community members, and across the internet from safe and trustworthy sources.
  • Loan service: If you’re waiting for funds and can’t afford the handbag at the moment, we can purchase it for you. We’ll keep the handbag as collateral until you’re able to pay for it.
  • Personal shopping service: If you’re looking to buy a new handbag, we can personally visit Hermès stores for you. Just tell us which handbag you’re after, and our team of over 500 personal shoppers across Europe will locate it for you, buy it and ship it to your location in no time.

Now that you have discovered how easy it is to buy a bag in Resellers Connector, we invite you to join the biggest Hermès resellers community online, to make valuable contacts, obtain new bags faster and sell your own stock smoothly.

For a guide on how to sell a bag with Resellers Connector, follow this link.

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