How to sell your bag with Resellers Connector?

Resellers Connector is a great Hermés reseller community dedicated to help you grow your business, find new contacts and expand your reach in the luxury resale market. Whether you’re a professional Hermés reseller, a newcomer to the handbag business or an avid collector and seller of vintage Hermés bags, Resellers Connector is the right destination for you.

If you have come across our community and you want to know where to start, we are gladly going to show you the steps to start selling your handbags with Resellers Connector, so you can start seeing the benefits of this decision. Keep reading and discover our infallible way to make successful and quick sales!

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  1. Join Resellers Connector for free
  2. Share your stock with us
  3. Communicate with the buyer
  4. Receive your full profit
  5. Ship the handbag
  6. We assist you in your sales

Join Resellers Connector for free


The first step you must take is to enter our community for free, you can join by simply clicking the “Join Us” button in the basic free membership. Once you do it you will be directed to fill out our specialized form that will allow us to learn more about you as a person and Hermés reseller.

This form and the information we ask you to provide is the safety measure that we apply to all of our members to keep a secure community and a comfortable space to make deals. This is because as you may know, there are thousands of scammers and counterfeiters in the luxury resale market, so it is our responsibility to provide you with a clean and legal environment to make successful sales or buy safely without worries.

After filling out the form and providing the necessary data to prove your professionalism as a Hermés reseller, you will need to wait for our confirmation and approval to become part of our community. The process won't take long, and you will soon gain access to our WhatsApp.

Share your stock with us


Once approved as a professional reseller and granted access to our WhatsApp, your next step is to share your stock list with us. This list must detail your available Hermés handbags, including the model, size, construction, color, leather type, hardware, date stamp, and condition. It is essential to provide the bag's condition — whether it is brand-new, pre-loved, or vintage — and specify its overall state as excellent, like new, good condition, or very used. Additionally, please include the prices for each item for proper inclusion in our updated list.

At Reseller’s Connector we will include your stock in our daily updated list that compiles our members’ available handbags. This list will then be broadcasted to all of our members, so in case someone is interested in buying a specific handbag, they can ask for it and start the process to connect with the seller.

If your bag is selected as a preferred choice by one or more members, we will connect them with you and notify you that your handbag is generating interest. This will allow you to prepare to engage with potential buyers and provide additional details about the Hermés handbag.

When sharing your stock with us for broadcast to all our community members, it is important to keep us informed about any handbags that are no longer available or any recent sales you have made, so we can remove them from the updated list and only showcase your current available stock. This will ensure efficiency and better communication.

Communicate with the buyer


When we refer potential buyers to you, you can directly communicate with them and provide more details about the handbag. They may request to see pictures of the bag and inquire about the authenticity elements that will accompany their purchase. Additionally, they might ask about shipping and how it will be managed. 

At Resellers Connector we are just a mere channel and tool to help you set your own conditions of sale and buy, so you will be dealing directly with the buyer, and we will remain as an extra help in case you need us to intervene.

Once you have spoken directly with the buyer and if they decide to purchase your handbag, then it will be time to start the transaction as you agreed. The payment is commonly done before you ship the handbag to their address, but it all depends on what you have agreed on. Resellers Connector does not have any responsibility in case of any misunderstanding between buyers and sellers.

Resellers Connector is currently working on a contract between resellers, this contract will be available for both parties to sign, aiming to prevent misunderstandings or improper practices that may arise during sales or buying processes. If requested, Resellers Connector can provide the contract and serve as a witness of the agreement. This valuable tool is designed to protect both parties from potential damages.

Receive your full profit


Once you have agreed on the payment method with the buyer and finalized the arrangements, you will receive the full price that you have set and agreed for your handbag. This means that Resellers Connector won’t take any commission from your sale, so you can sell for free, as we simply serve as a channel to expedite your selling process, without demanding any commissions.

This presents a significant advantage compared to many other online marketplaces that tend to charge high commissions simply for listing your handbags. As we know this is not a fair trade, at Resellers Connector, we offer free access to our community and provide tailored services to enhance your business if desired. These services are available for a fair fee based on your specific needs and business requirements, and it is completely optional. Continue reading to discover more about our additional services!

Ship the handbag


After you have received your payment or while waiting for it (depending on your agreement with the buyer), you can initiate the shipping process for the handbag. If you are a professional reseller, this step should be straightforward, given your prior experience. For newcomers to the handbag business, you can always gain valuable insights by referring to this post.

The way you conduct the shipment will depend on the countries in which you and your buyer are located, and also the shipment company you’re going to use to send it. Mainly DHL, UPS and FedEx are the most reliable in terms of shipping luxury products. Your buyer may also request an insurance for the shipping, so you need to take it into consideration.

You may have to cover the expenses of the shipment if you offer “free shipping” or your buyer may have to cover the costs. It all depends on your agreement, and this is why it is very important to communicate and keep everything clear before continuing with the sale.

We assist you in your sales


If you follow the steps outlined above, you can sell your Hermés handbags easily, faster than on any other online platform, all while using a proven secure system. However, if you still need assistance in any of the processes mentioned or need further advice to enhance your business operations, Resellers Connector is 100% to assist you in anything you may need. Thanks to our tailored services designed for Hermés resellers, we become your assistant and partner!

We offer you the following services to assist you in buying or selling Hermés handbags through our marketplace:

  • Storage service: you can use our warehouse as yours to store your products and ship them from there, or keep them while waiting for buyers.
  • Photography service: we offer a professional photography service for your handbags, providing high-quality pictures to showcase to your clients or fellow resellers.
  • Loan service: if you don’t have the full amount to pay for a Hermés handbag that you found at our marketplace, we buy it for you and keep it as collateral until you pay for it.
  • Personal shopper service: we visit Hermès stores for you and purchase the bag you desire faster than doing it yourself.
  • Logistics service: use our logistics team to ship anywhere around the world, use us as your shipping company to make it easy for you. No company or courier account required.
  • Bag hunter service: we locate the exact handbag you need in no time, we search through all of our members and contacts to find it faster.
  • Escrow service: use us as your intermediary to receive the money and/or the bag when dealing with a new buyer or seller, we receive and release when everything is checked as clean and trustworthy. We provide peace of mind and help in your new business relationships.

Discover more of our tailored services and memberships by following this link.

Now that you have learned how to sell your bag with Resellers Connector, you are ready to start your successful year of operations with us, without commissions, in a secure environment and completely free of charge. Save money, be smart and improve your Hermés reselling business with Resellers Connector.

Become a member for free and enjoy all the benefits we have for you!