Can you make money reselling Hermès?

Earning money is one of the most significant concerns of this century, with people increasingly focused on securing their future through lucrative investment strategies and generating passive income streams. And the best alternative for achieving this goal is luxury resale, particularly through reselling products from the French fashion brand Hermès. But, can you make money reselling Hermès?

Here, we will show how you can earn good money by reselling Hermès handbags and secure a comfortable future with good profits. Keep reading and find out!

  1. Is Hermès resale a profitable business?
  2. How to earn money as a Hermès reseller?
  3. What to expect in the long run?

Is Hermès resale a profitable business?


In general, luxury resale is a very profitable business, as it is a smart way to invest your money in safe assets that are almost always guaranteed to revalue with time. When it comes to Hermès, this fashion brand is able to reach incredible values in the resale market, but why does this happen?

Some exclusive Hermès products, such as the Birkin, Kelly and Constance bags are very difficult to purchase in official stores, as it is part of a well-thought strategy that the brand has implemented. This strategy entails limiting the production and sale of exclusive handbags to just a few privileged clients, to create a high demand with a low supply, increasing the element of desirability. 

In consequence, most clients turn to the luxury resale market, or the second-hand market to acquire the Hermès handbags they desire. Due to the difficulty in purchasing these products, their value tends to hold and increase over time, particularly with limited-edition handbags or unique combinations of exotic skins and colors

This means that Hermès resale is indeed a profitable business, as you can purchase a handbag at a stable value, and then resell it for double or triple its price in a few years or months. This way your investment pays off and you are left with a good source of passive income.

How to earn money as a Hermès reseller?


To start earning money as a Hermès reseller, you first need to create a legally registered company in order to pay taxes and have a legitimate business. Additionally, you need to open a bank account for your company to conduct transactions.

Once you have the legal component, you need to start investing in Hermès handbags. This will initially involve building a small stock, but one that will guarantee you a good profit. To invest in Hermès bags you have to research the trends to know which bags are the most sought-after, so you can make a smart decision when purchasing them. 

Aside from maintaining a good stock, you need to establish a client base by creating social media profiles and promoting your services as a Hermès reseller. Once you have a good follower base, you can attract clients faster and increase your sales.

However, there’s also another effective way to earn money as a Hermès reseller: by joining Resellers Connector. This is a community of Hermès resellers that allows you to share your stock with many other professionals, enabling you to sell your bags faster. At Resellers Connector, we also offer useful tools to help accelerate the growth of your business, thereby increasing your earnings even further.

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What to expect in the long run?


If you play your cards right and invest in the trendiest Hermès handbags, you will be able to sell them once their value has sufficiently increased. Depending on the bag, this process may take several months or even a few years, but patience is key. Maintaining the handbags in good condition will help you ensure a better profit when it’s time to sell them.

In the long run, if you develop your business as a Hermès reseller, you will be able to earn a steady passive income from each sale, allowing you to achieve financial independence and create a savings account for your future or for other possible investments that you want to make.

So, are you ready to earn money as a Hermès reseller?

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