Top 5 Hermès Bags with the Best Resale Value

Currently, Hermès is one of the top brands in luxury resale, thanks to its exclusive handbags that have taken over the luxury bag market and become the favorites of investors worldwide. If you’re planning on starting a handbag business from home, or if you want to know which handbags to invest in for the future, we would like to present a guide to the most coveted Hermès handbags.

Next, you will learn the top 5 Hermès handbags that revalue nonstop on the luxury bag resale. Find out and make a wise investment!

  1. Hermès Birkin bag
  2. Hermès Kelly bag
  3. Hermès Constance bag
  4. Hermès Evelyne bag
  5. Hermès Picotin bag

Hermès Birkin bag


Well-known as the most coveted handbag in the world, the Birkin bag is the most exclusive accessory from Hermès. First introduced in 1984 and inspired by the actress, Jane Birkin, this handbag quickly rose to fame amongst modern and busy women who needed a sturdy bag to carry all their belongings. 

To this day, the Hermès Birkin bag has solidified its position with a revaluation exceeding 500% since its market introduction, boasting an average resale value of 80%. Collectors and investors are drawn to this iconic handbag in various skins, colors, and hardware combinations. However, Birkin bags made of exotic skins seem to be the most sought after, particularly those in small sizes, such as 25, made of crocodile and lizard skins.

Investors currently search for limited edition Birkin bags that feature artistic patterns and original motifs, including Shadow Birkin, Cargo Birkin, Sunrise Rainbow Birkin, and Faubourg Tropical Birkin.

But let's not forget to mention the most sold Hermès Birkin bag in history, the Hermès Himalaya Crocodile Birkin with 18-carat gold hardware inlaid with diamonds. This beautiful piece was auctioned in 2017 at Christie's Hong Kong for €342,000, breaking the world record for the most expensive handbag ever to be sold in an auction. It shows how powerful a Birkin bag can be in the resale market.

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Hermès Kelly bag


A true royalty bag, the Kelly is the most iconic handbag from Hermès, with its trapezoidal silhouette and its elegant aura, it has remained a classic and a favorite for generations. Introduced by Hermès as the “Sac à Dépêches” in 1935, this beautiful handbag was an innovative alternative for women at the time, and it did not go unnoticed by the acclaimed Princess Grace Kelly, who used one to shield her pregnant belly from the paparazzi. In 1977, Hermès renamed the handbag in honor of its biggest fan, Grace Kelly, and since that has become an icon and a very coveted handbag in the world.

Nowadays, the Kelly bag boasts one of the highest resale values at an average of 92%, making it a timeless classic sought after by collectors and investors. The smaller sizes like the Mini Kelly 20 and Kelly Pochette are currently in high demand, aligning with the trend for small bags in fashion. Particularly prized are the Kelly bags in exotic skins, especially those in dark and lustrous colors.

There are some limited edition Kelly bags that are still in demand, including the Kelly Doll, Kellywood, Kelly au Trot, au Galop, and au Pas. These innovative and playful designs often command high prices in the market. For instance, the Himalaya Kelly bag in crocodile skin is very coveted and can reach impressive sums like the Birkin.  

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Hermès Constance bag


The third member of the “Holy Trinity” of Hermès, the Constance bag stands strong between Birkin and Kelly. Introduced in 1959 by the designer Catherine Chaillet, this small and compact handbag was created for mobility and comfort.  It quickly became a sought-after handbag, and today it has one of the highest resale values, with an average of 105%.

The Constance is in high demand, particularly in its smaller sizes such as the Micro Constance 14, which is very difficult to find in the resale market. Both small and traditional Constance 18 bags are highly coveted for their exotic leather in all colors. The limited edition Tri-color Crocodile Constance remains one of the favorites and holds significant value in the luxury bag resale market.

Like the Birkin and Kelly, the Constance in exotic leather such as the lizard Salvator proves to have a strong resale value, especially the Ombré Lizard Salvator Constance, with its attractive ring patterns and colors similar to the Himalaya Birkin and Kelly bags.

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Hermès Evelyne bag


Rising beside the iconic Hermès trilogy, the Evelyne bag is a very fresh and modern handbag choice that has become a favorite. Introduced in 1978 by the leader of the Hermès Riding Department, Evelyne Bertrand,  it was originally known as a bag to store the grooming tools for horses. But the innovative design of the handbag led to its transformation into a fashionable crossbody fashion item.

Today in the resale market, the Evelyne handbag has an average of 78% resale value, proving that it can retain its value very well. This handbag is particularly sought-after in its smallest size, the TPM 16. This bag can double its retail price in Noir (black) color and gold hardware, as well as Rose Extreme with palladium hardware.  Generally, all Evelyne TPM 16 leather in Togo or Clemence is in great demand, whether in classic or bold colors.

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Hermès Picotin bag


With a very unconventional and creative design, the Hermès Picotin is dominating the Asian resale market. This handbag was introduced in 2002, designed as a bag to feed horses, loyal to the brand’s equestrian heritage. The unique shape and buckle of this bag have been a fashion statement, making it popular among clients and resellers over time.

Today, the Picotin handbag has an average resale value of 72%, and it is coveted in every size, color, hardware, and skin combination. However, when it comes to sizes, the Picotin 18 and 22 are usually the most sought-after, while the Micro Picotin tends to be an extravagant and rare option that is not easy to come by.

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So, what do you think of the most coveted and sought-after Hermès handbags in the resale market?

Now that you have a better idea of which Hermès handbags do best in the luxury bag resale market, you can start investing in these models and be sure to get a better profit by reselling them shortly.

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