How to become a Hermès Reseller?

If you’re new to the Hermès resale world, you have certainly asked yourself how to become the best Hermès reseller. The truth is that although it seems very difficult, and it may take some work, it is easier than you expect. Next, we will show you how to become a luxury bag reseller and start your business by buying and selling Hermès handbags.

Take note and become someone the best Hermès resellers!

  1. What is a Hermès reseller?
  2. Why buy and sell Hermès handbags?
  3. How to start a handbag business from home?
  4. Where to buy and sell Hermès handbags?
  5. What to expect?

What is a Hermès reseller?


Before delving into the world of Hermès resale, it is necessary for you to know what a Hermès reseller is. Hermès is a high-end fashion house that has produced a great number of exclusive accessories and handbags that over the years have gained incredible value. A Hermès reseller is someone that buys bags with high resale value and sells them to clients or other resellers, with the objective to seize the investment made and obtain greater retribution. 

Hermès resellers can become professionals and have a wide list of clients that contact them to purchase the Hermès handbags that they want. This business has developed thanks to the incredible demand for Hermès handbags and the few that the brand produces and sells each year, which means that clients need to find new ways to buy the handbags.

By buying and selling exclusive handbags, the Hermès resellers can invest in a product that revalues on its own, and later they can apply a higher price to it based on the current resale market depending on the model, color, and skin. Therefore, they can create a constant stream of income and build a business of their own.

Why buy and sell Hermès handbags?


Most of the professional Hermès resellers started by being clients of the brand, investors of exclusivity and quality that somehow knew that the handbags they bought could revalue over time. It is well-known that to keep the investment made in a luxury accessory it is necessary to keep it in good condition and sell it before it deteriorates further and loses its value.

This is why, if you have a Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag, it is a good idea to contemplate selling it in the future, once it has been reevaluated, that way you can get back your investment and earn additional money.

Hermès resellers know that by keeping up this activity of getting new Hermès handbags and selling them at some point, they can continue to earn money. Luxury bag resale can be very profitable and a career choice for those who are passionate about it.

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How to start a handbag business from home?


If you are interested in becoming a Birkin reseller or Kelly reseller, the first thing you need is to purchase one of these handbags from Hermès. We recommend you opt for buying them in the official Hermès store, that way you are 100% sure of the authenticity of your handbag. A good tip is for you to buy a bag with classic characteristics, for example, a bag made of calfskin in a classic color such as gold, noir (black), or white, this ensures that your investment is timeless, as there will always be a great market for classic bags.

The amount of use you give to the bag is also important, if you plan to use it make sure you take good care of it, avoiding any possible accident that can damage the skin, hardware, and structure of the bag. If you just want to invest in a Hermès bag and keep it stored, you should also pay attention to the environment in which you keep it, to preserve its appearance and integrity. 

After purchasing a Hermès handbag and keeping it for a few years, you must research the Hermès resale market to review the prices for the handbag you own, this way you can get an idea of how much it has revalued with time and for how much is it being purchased in the luxury purse resale. 

Next, you need to find trustworthy bag resale sites or channels to sell your handbag to the right client, get back your investment, and earn extra money. Once you find a good client, coordinate the sale and ship the handbag to their destination. 

If you see that this business was profitable for you, and you feel that you have a good opportunity to continue doing it, then you only have to start over again, create a list of clients that trust you, and make connections with other professional resellers.

Where to buy and sell Hermès handbags?


Currently, there are many resellers marketplace sites to buy and sell Hermès handbags, but you must take into consideration some factors that can have an influence on the outcome of the purchase or sale.

First of all, you need to make sure that you purchase from a trustworthy source, and although it is quite difficult to buy many Hermès handbags at the official stores, it is the best option to ensure the authenticity of the bag. If you don’t have the opportunity to purchase from the official stores, try to buy from professional resellers with recognized clients and reviews. Identify if you’re dealing with a professional reseller.

When it comes to reselling luxury bags, you need to find a marketplace or channel in which you can publish your handbags. As we mentioned, there are thousands of apps and websites to do it, but there are some in which you need to pay higher commissions for your sales, or for the right to publish the luxury items. That is why, we want to offer you this magnificent option to start your journey as a handbag reseller and sell for freeFind out everything about Resellers Connector. 

What to expect?


If you have been wanting to make your first steps into luxury handbag resale, you might be asking yourself the following questions:

The answer to these questions is yes, you can buy an expensive designer bag as an investment, which you can keep in the best condition possible to later put it in the luxury handbag resale, this way you can make money reselling Hermès bags.

Although your first time as a bag reseller may be difficult or confusing, we want to encourage you to do it, train your skills to sell handbags, and start your own handbag business from home. And to help you achieve this in the best way possible, we want to accompany you and be your teacher to bring out your potential, and introduce you into the luxury resale community.

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