Top 15 most coveted limited edition Hermès handbags

The Hermès handbags are very coveted accessories on their own, but when it comes to limited edition Hermès handbags, these luxury pieces can reach even higher values in the luxury resale market. As a professional Hermès reseller, it is important to identify these limited edition bags, and know their potential to invest in them and get a good profit.

Here we will share with you the top 15 most coveted limited edition Hermès handbags, so you can learn more about their first appearance in the luxury market, and how they have evolved to become sought-after exclusive products. Read on!

  1. Birkin Shadow
  2. Birkin Cargo
  3. Birkin Himalaya
  4. Birkin Faubourg
  5. So Black Birkin
  6. 3 in 1 Birkin
  7. Birkin Ghillies
  8. Birkin Sunrise Rainbow and Birkin Sunset Rainbow 
  9. Birkin Touch
  10. Kelly Doll
  11. Kellywood
  12. Kelly Picnic
  13. Kelly Himalaya
  14. Tri-color Crocodile Constance
  15. Marble Silk Constance

Birkin Shadow


The Birkin Shadow bag was introduced in 2009 by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Hermès' creative director at the time. From 2003 to 2010, Gaultier made an effort to break the patterns and bring invention to Hermès pieces, which resulted in the design of this impressive Birkin.

Made with the illusion of a silhouette, the Birkin Shadow is the first Birkin bag that does not have closing straps and a turning closure, but it is a mere illusion, a shadow of an iconic shape. This bag is available in various colors, such as Noir, Gold, Menthe, Nata, Craie, Alezan, Rouge Sellier, Navy and Etoupe, remaining classic and easy to style yet made in an eye-catching and avant-garde design.

Since its introduction to the market, Hermès produced the bag in limited quantities, which led to a raise in its price in the second-hand luxury market. A Shadow Birkin can oscillate between €11,000 and €32,000 in the resale market, either brand-new or in excellent condition.

Birkin Cargo


The Birkin Cargo, released in 2020, stays true to the original purpose of this bag: to be a practical accessory for busy women. Made from a combination of canvas and Swift leather, the Birkin Cargo boasts a resistant structure. It showcases five exterior pockets of varying sizes, designed to accommodate all types of items, from cups to small essentials and a phone.

This resistant limited edition Birkin is available in a wide range of colors, such as Noir, Sesame, Bleu Nuit, Nata, Jaune Citron, Chai, Écru and Navy. This bag also comes in the conventional Birkin sizes, from 25 to 40, offering even more storage space for those who need it.

In terms of value and desirability, the Birkin Cargo became increasingly popular after its release, reaching values of €24,000 to €43,000 in the luxury resale market. It is currently still a very coveted handbag in all its sizes and colors.

Birkin Himalaya


It is no secret to anyone that the Hermès Birkin Himalaya bag is the most expensive in the world, with only 60 bags in circulation, making it a true limited edition. Its characteristic Niloticus Crocodile skin, dyed in a combination of white and brown, mimics the famous Asian mountain range. Often accompanied by diamond-inlaid hardware, this piece is truly unique and consistently sought-after by collectors and Hermès resellers alike.

The beauty of this Birkin and its rare condition makes it a valuable and impressive bag to hunt. The highest value reached by a Hermès Birkin Himalaya bag was registered in 2016, when a Birkin Himalaya bag with white gold and diamond hardware was sold for $300,168. A world record that was later broken again in 2017, when Christie’s Hong Kong sold a Birkin Himalaya with 10.23 carats of diamonds for £293,000. Proving once more that the Birkin Himalaya is indeed the most expensive handbag ever sold in auction.

In the luxury resale market, the Birkin Himalaya can reach values of €80,000 to €180,000 when brand-new or in like-new condition.

Birkin Faubourg


The iconic Birkin Faubourg debuted in 2019 as a highly limited edition, paying homage to the facade of the very first Hermès boutique at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. Featuring only two color combinations on its release, Ébène embodied the facade's daytime appearance, while Navy captured its nighttime essence. In 2020, Hermès released a Noir version, representing the boutique at midnight. A final addition arrived in 2021: a snowy rendition crafted from a Beton matte alligator body.

The Birkin Faubourg is the first-ever Birkin in size 20, created exclusively for this limited edition. It also features a “Sellier” construction, a style usually reserved for Kelly bags and not commonly seen on Birkins. This detailed edition showcases different types of skin and colors in each small detail, with variations among versions. A particularly eye-catching feature is its “clochette” designed to resemble the iconic Hermès orange shopping bag.

It is believed that the initial Birkin Faubourg bag in ebene and navy was released in a small quantity of only 50 bags, although there may be more. The value of these impressive handbags can range from €15,000 to €20,000 when brand-new in the luxury resale market.

So Black Birkin


Part of the So Black Collection designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, the So Black Birkin wasn't intended as a limited edition in its release in 2010. However, it was discontinued due to the vulnerability of its PVD (physical vapor deposition) hardware, which gave it its deep black matte finish. 

However, the mesmerizing beauty of this entirely black Birkin bag caught the attention of the collectors and resellers, turning it into a desirable and valuable piece. The So Black Birkin is available in Noir Box Calf Leather or Noir Matte Crocodile, this exotic version is much more sought-after and valuable.

The price of a So Black Birkin in the luxury resale market ranges from €18,000 to €30,000. However, the Matte Crocodile variation can reach values of $280,000 at auctions, as demonstrated by a sale at Christie’s Hong Kong in 2019.

3 in 1 Birkin


The practical 3 in 1 Birkin was introduced in spring 2021 at Paris Fashion Week. This interesting variation of the original Birkin offers 3 ways in which it can be used: as a complete bag with an extra spacious compartment, just the pouch as a clutch that can be closed with a top zipper, or just as an open tote bag without the interior pouch.

This creative Birkin is available in different neutral colors, such as Noir, Gold, Beton, Biscuit and Gris Meyer. The popularity of this handbag grew faster after its release, and it is currently sought-after in the luxury resale market. Its price can reach values of  €18,000 to €21,000.

Birkin Ghillies


Introduced to the market in 2012, the Birkin Ghillies quickly became popular. Its design was inspired by the Scottish men’s shoes that carry the same name. These shoes feature small perforations or "broguing" to help them dry faster after outdoor activities. 

The bag was an extension of the haute bijouterie jewelry collection released by Hermès in 2011, designed by Pierre Hardy, the artistic director of jewelry at the time. Hardy was inspired by his Scottish heritage and created a very interesting design incorporating the small holes into the Birkin iconic silhouette, creating a very feminine and beautiful version.

The Birkin Ghillies was released in many different color and skin combinations, ranging from canvas and denim, to ostrich, crocodile and calfskin. Its color variety makes it even more appealing and eye-catching. The value of a Birkin Ghillies bag can vary in the luxury resale market, it often oscillates from €50,000 to €80,000.

Birkin Sunrise Rainbow and Birkin Sunset Rainbow


Released in 2020, the Birkin Sunrise Rainbow and Birkin Sunset Rainbow were created to appeal to the beauty of summer and bright colors. They were produced in a "Sellier” construction that is commonly reserved for Kelly handbags. The Sellier method implies exterior stitches for a sturdier and resistant bag.

The particularity of these Birkins is the great array of colors they show to represent the sunrise and the sunset, portraying a creative and original look. The Birkin Sunrise Rainbow showcases Lime, Rose Confetti, Terre Battue, and Sesame colors, while the Birkin Sunset Rainbow features Cricot, Bleu Agate, Magnolia, and Rouge Casaque. Both bags are crafted from Epsom calfskin.

Although the Birkin Sunrise Rainbow is more popular than its Sunset counterpart, both handbags can reach great values in the luxury resale market. In fact, the sunset version tends to be more expensive.The Birkin Sunrise Rainbow can cost from €11,000 to €27,000, while the Birkin Sunset Rainbow can cost €15,000 to €29,000.

Birkin Touch


Introduced by Hermès in 2017, the Birkin Touch offers the best of a classic calfskin Birkin with a touch of exotic and extravagant luxury. These bags feature a calfskin body paired with a crocodile or alligator top flap, both in matching colors. Additionally, the Birkin's "clochette" is crafted from an exotic material, showcasing the exceptional exclusivity that Hermès is capable of achieving.

Although the Birkin Touch handbags can be more easily found than most of the limited edition handbags on this list, they are still very sought after and valuable. Their cost in the luxury resale market can range from €19,000 to €36,000.

Kelly Doll


The Kelly Doll or “Quelle Idole” (what an idol) was originally introduced in 2000 and designed by Jean-Louis Dumas. This small and whimsy handbag was retailed for $2,500 at first and it was made in eight different color palettes: Noir, Noisette, Bleu Saphir, Orange H, Rouge H, Vert Olive, Rouge Vif and Vert Cru. In 2005 the Kelly Doll was discontinued, calling for the attention of the collectors that made it a worthy piece.

From 2008 to 2010, Hermès introduced new versions of the handbags in various colors, including Vermillion, Blue Jean, and notably 5P Pink. These new color options were specifically launched for boutique openings in Hong Kong.

In 2015, Hermès released five exquisite Kelly Doll bags with creative patterns, featuring touches of exotic crocodile and alligator skins. These quickly went viral and were all auctioned for charity. In 2017, Hermès allowed the production of HSS Kelly Doll bags, often using very exotic materials, such as Matte Alligator. The production of HSS Kelly Doll bags is extremely limited, so they keep being exclusive handbags.

Today, the value of the Hermès Kelly Doll bag can range from €40,000 to €48,000 in the luxury resale market. Most notably the second edition Kelly Doll bags made for boutique openings are more sought-after in auctions and resale markets, although the original 2000 pieces continue to be coveted.



Introduced in 2020, the Hermès Kellywood features an exceptionally luxurious body crafted from “Bog Oak” with a “Larmé” inlay technique, complemented by a handle and flap made of Barenia leather. The bag quickly gained popularity due to its distinctive composition and luxurious materials. Additionally, Kellywood introduced a new size, the size 22, to the Kelly bag line, marking the first production of this size.

Following the popularity of the Kellywood, Hermès released a new version of it, featuring a solid beechwood body and a front panel that showcases the “Perspective Cavalier’’ theme. This version was designed by the art collective, “Anamorphée”. The Kellywood is crafted by joining together six types of leather in eleven different colors, truly demonstrating the mastery of Hermès’ craftsmanship and marquetry. The top flap and handle of this version are made of Barenia leather in a Fauve color with white stitching.

The value of both of these masterpieces ranges from €12,000 to €80,000 in the luxury resale market. The Perspective Cavalier Kellywood is the most coveted in auctions thanks to its reduced quantity of only 60 pieces worldwide.

Kelly Picnic


The Kelly Picnic, released in 2011, was the last collection designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier for Hermès. The bag combines the masterful work of a basket weaver with leatherwork. The body of the Kelly Picnic bag is made of Osier wicker, and the top was originally made of Barenia leather in Fauve color. Later, they released a version in Swift leather in Blanc, Jaune de Naples, Bleu du Nord, Rouge de Coeur, and Vert Verone. In 2021, they added an even rarer version, the Bleu Brume.

This bag is extremely popular in the luxury resale market, reaching values of €40,000 to €100,000 in its Swift version. While less sought-after, the original Kelly Picnic, Barenia Fauve can still reach from €30,000 to €50,000 in resale.

Kelly Himalaya


Just like its Birkin counterpart, the Kelly Himalaya is also considered one of the most expensive handbags in the world. With impressive resale sums of €352,000 to €470,000 in resale markets and auctions, the Kelly Himalaya dominates the scene as a very rare and limited edition handbag.

Available in Niloticus Crocodile skin, dyed in a combination of white, brown, and gray, it perfectly captures the beauty of the Himalayan mountain range. It is completed with impeccable white gold hardware, often inlaid with genuine diamonds. This bag is extremely rare, and when found, it is advised to invest in it due to its incredible potential to keep appreciating and reaching even higher values as time goes by.

Tri-color Crocodile Constance


The Tri-color Crocodile Constance is a very eye-catching handbag that features a shiny Niloticus Crocodile skin in three different colors: Cassis for the flap, Bleu Izmir for the gussets, strap and boucle inlay, and Bleu Tempête for the back and front panels. This special Constance bag is extremely luxurious and it has been a very coveted accessory since its inception.

There have also been very rare models featuring different color combinations, such as the Tri-color Constance in Noir, Bleu Baltique, and Vert Rosseau, and the Tri-color Alligator Constance in Braise, Sanguine, and Miel. Both versions feature hardware inlaid with exotic crocodile material. The prices for these handbags in the resale market can range from €30,000 to €40,000.

Marble Silk Constance


Introduced in 2021, the Marble Silk Constance is one of the most impressive Hermès handbags. It is made using a very specialized silk marbling technique that only Nose Moriyoshi, based in Kyoto, Japan, masters. This beauty is crafted in Orbis printed silk, paired with Swift leather in a Rose Mexico color and palladium-plated hardware.

After its release and the limited quantities in which it was introduced, the Marble Silk Constance became a highly sought-after handbag. It is currently being sold in the luxury resale market at prices ranging from  €15,000 to €20,000.

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