Which Hermès bag is a good investment?

It is well-known that luxury investments have gained significant popularity recently due to their reliable nature and profit potential. Among the leading brands in this market is Hermès, a renowned French fashion house that proves to be the perfect way to invest in exclusivity, particularly in the realm of handbags. But, which Hermès bag is a good investment?

If you’re considering becoming a Hermès reseller and are wondering which handbag to invest in to start your business, we would like to provide some useful insights that will help you make a smart choice. Keep reading to discover the best Hermès bag to invest in!

  1. Why is Hermès a good investment?
  2. Which Hermès bag is a good investment?
  3. What to expect long-term?

Why is Hermès a good investment?


Before we break down which Hermès bag to invest in, we want to clarify why Hermès is a good choice. There are several reasons that indicate that Hermès products are a good investment, among them are the quality craftsmanship and durability, as well as their ability to retain their value, which allows you to make a safe investment without losing anything.

However, there’s another key point that elevates Hermès as the perfect brand to invest in: its ability to not just retain value, but also to increase it. Hermès employs an exclusivity strategy, making some of their products, such as their handbags, unavailable for purchase by the general public. This exclusivity inevitably drives up the prices of their products, a trend that extends to the resale market as well.

The fact that these handbags can reach high values and maintain their retail worth, makes them an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable asset with the potential to be sold for double or triple the value in the future.

Which Hermès bag is a good investment?


Now, which Hermès bag is a good investment? The answer is the Birkin bag, the most valuable accessory in the Hermès brand, and also one of the most expensive handbags in the world. Since its introduction to the market in 1984, the Birkin bag has consistently appreciated in value, experiencing over a 500% increase in worth, while also maintaining an impressive average resale value of 80%. This makes it a truly incredible choice to invest in and see the profits in the future.

However, we can’t overlook the Kelly and Constance bags, which are also excellent additions to your investments, as these bags also bear a great potential for appreciation and high resale price. The Kelly bag has a 92% resale value, while the Constance has a 105% resale value. This demonstrates that they are also worthy of consideration when starting to invest in Hermès.

What to expect long-term?


If you purchase any of these three handbags, you’re certain to get a reliable asset. These bags not only retain their value but also have the potential to increase it, which means that by reselling them you can earn more than your initial investment. In some special cases, choosing the right color and skin combinations can multiply your investment two or three times over.

If you keep a good investment rhythm and steady sales, you can expect to generate passive income easily with this business. So whether you want to become a Hermès reseller, or you’re just procuring a profit from your investments, buying Hermès handbags is a great way to do it.

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