Why is Hermès resale so expensive?

Hermès is a powerhouse in the fashion world, its commitment to quality and meticulous craftsmanship are key factors in its success. However, there is another reason why Hermès is so recognized: its lucrative resale market. But why is Hermès resale so expensive?

Let us dive into the world of Hermès and discover why it is such an expensive brand, and why it can be a good element for business in the luxury resale market. Keep reading and find out!

  1. Why are Hermès bags so expensive?
  2. Why is Hermès resale so expensive?
  3. Is it worth it to resell Hermès bags?

Why are Hermès bags so expensive?


Generally, Hermès products are considered expensive, not only because of the brand's luxurious reputation, but also due to the quality materials used in their products. However, there is nothing more expensive than the Hermès exclusive handbags. But what exactly makes them so incredibly expensive?

The answer lies in the careful strategy that Hermès has followed since the success of its first bags. The brand has cultivated an image of extreme exclusivity for its bags, particularly the Birkin, Kelly and Constance models, which have become true fashion icons. This has led to a high demand for these bags in relation to their limited supply.

The brand limits its production and sales in official stores. Exclusive bags are not usually sold on the open market, but only to very specific, regular or very lucky customers who put their names on a year-long waiting list. This careful protection of their exclusive bags creates an element of desirability, even desperation, in the thousands of customers who yearn to get their hands on these iconic bags.

As a consequence, the luxury resale market is benefited by the scarcity of these bags, as clients look for them in online marketplaces from the hands of resellers. Naturally, this makes the handbags more expensive, as their desirability is too high and their availability is too low.

Why is Hermès resale so expensive?


But this brings us to the main question: why are Hermès bags so expensive to resell? Scarcity is the key factor. With limited retail availability and strong demand, resale prices often exceed retail prices. In addition, the limited availability of these bags makes buying them on the resale market, despite the higher price, a more accessible option for some, circumventing the store's official policy of not openly selling exclusive bags. It is an option where the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Hermès resale is also expensive because building stock requires significant investment by resellers. It is a business, after all, and like any other way of making money, you have to spend money.

To become a Hermès reseller you need to purchase a certain amount of handbags, either from official stores (if you're lucky) or from other Hermès resellers online, but either way you need to make investments on each of the bags, to later obtain profits by selling them.

Is it worth reselling Hermès bags?


Now, is it all of this investment worth it? The answer is yes! Investing in Hermès is a very smart choice, as all exclusive Hermès handbags are capable of retaining their original retail value, and even better, they tend to increase it as years go by. So by investing in certain handbags and selling them when the time is right, you can create a good passive income stream that will help you reach your financial objectives.

Becoming a Hermès reseller allows you to enjoy the fashion world, by also building your own business and getting the benefits of it. 

So, are you ready to become a Hermès reseller?

Now that you know a little bit more about why Hermès resale is so expensive, you can prepare and begin to create your budgets to start investing in Hermès and seeing the retribution in some months or years.

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