Why is it hard to buy Hermès?

If you have been a Hermès client for some years, or you’re new to the luxury investment world, by now you have probably noticed that it is very hard to purchase exclusive Hermès handbags, and no matter in how many stores you ask for a bag, they simply won’t sell it to you.

Here, we will explain the reasons why the Hermès brand is reluctant to sell its exclusive handbags to just anyone that shows up at the official stores. Keep reading and find out the answer to your question: why is it hard to buy Hermès?

  1. Limited stock
  2. Exclusivity strategy
  3. High demand and higher price
  4. Resellers Connector: The perfect alternative

Limited stock


The manufacture of each Hermès exclusive handbag is made entirely by hand, following the tradition started by Thierry Hermès in 1837, when he created the first leather workshop that transformed into the brand we enjoy today. The crafting process takes from 18 to 24 hours, and the training of each craftsman takes at least 6 years, so they are able to master the specialized techniques.

Hermès has never worked with mass production, so their creations per year are limited, and distributed in each store worldwide. This is why the stock of each store is limited and subjected to a specific quantity of bags that are sent to their location from the main workshops.

Exclusivity strategy


In addition to the specialized manufacture of each Hermès bag and the limited annual production and distribution, another factor contributes to the difficulty of purchasing Hermès. This is the brand’s exclusivity strategy, designed to maintain its relevance and desirability.

The strategy implies controlling their stock even more, by not selling all of their handbags to every client that asks for them, but to save them for specific recurrent clients, or for people that have written their names in waiting lists, in the hopes of being chosen to get a Hermès bag.

If the brand allowed its exclusive bags, such as the Birkin, Kelly, and Constance, to be constantly sold at every store, they wouldn’t be considered exclusive accessories, but just luxury products that can be accessed by anyone at any time, as long as they’re willing to pay. 

This is why Hermès ensures its bags are not treated as common luxury products, and makes them difficult to reach. This way, the people who are able to acquire them understand that they are part of an elite group for whom Hermès is reserved. This feeds the brand’s perception of exclusivity in the public eye and continues to enhance the value of its handbags.

High demand and higher price


As a consequence of the difficulty in buying Hermès handbags through official channels, the luxury resale market is booming with thousands of Hermès bags. These include both pre-loved and brand-new bags that some privileged individuals have been able to acquire, and they sell them to clients who desperately want them. 

The immense demand for these handbags and the difficulty to access them consequently elevates their price in the luxury resale market and in auctions, allowing them to retain their original value and even increase in value over time.

This is why Hermès handbags, especially those bought on resale, are expensive. Their price is not only elevated by Hermès resellers, but their value also increases due to their high demand, making them sought-after and coveted products.

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