Why to sell your Hermès handbag?

The luxury resale market for Hermès handbags has been thriving for quite a few years, and with time there are more and more people looking to sell the Hermès products they don’t regularly use, but you might be wondering why to sell your Hermès handbag? Why is it a good option for you and what benefits may it bring?

In this article, we will explore the reasons why to sell your Hermès handbag, so if you’re new to luxury resale, or even if you have been working on it for a few years, we want to show you why it is a good idea to sell Hermès handbags to earn some money.

  1. If you don’t use it regularly
  2. To keep it from losing value
  3. To regain what you paid and more
  4. A way to make passive income

If you don’t use it regularly



We all know that luxury items are a true addiction for fashion lovers, but sometimes people buy more than they actually use, keeping the handbags in their closet, slowly deteriorating with the passage of time, and no amount of care will return them to their original appearance.

If you feel that you have many Hermès bags that you don’t use as regularly as you would like, selling them is the best option you can follow. By selling your Hermès handbag you can earn back some money, and also get rid of past collections that you don’t like as much or that you haven’t had the time to use.

If you’re a luxury reseller and you have kept your merchandise for a while, you know that some pieces are better to sell quickly instead of keeping them for longer. This way you can have a regular flow of new handbags and continue to earn money while selling fresh bags.

To keep it from losing value


Hermès handbags are well-known for holding their value and increasing it over the years, but sometimes this may not be the case if you don’t keep good care of their materials. If you have a luxury handbag and it has been sitting in your closet for a very long time without the minimum maintenance, you can’t expect it to look exactly as it was when you bought it.

Even if these items are luxurious and of great quality, they can still deteriorate, especially when it comes to natural leather, since the few amounts of use and the way the material sits can start to form cracks and wrinkles. The hardware can also suffer, following the natural tarnishing and losing its shine. 

By selling your Hermès handbag you can avoid it from deteriorating further and still recover the money you paid and even a little bit more. This is why keeping your luxury bags in good condition is so important, and even if it means spending extra money, it can be totally worth it if you can’t sell them as fast as you would like. Timing the correct moment to sell a Hermès handbag is going to help you get a better return on your investment.

To regain what you paid and more


Hermès handbags can produce amazing returns if they meet certain requirements, especially if they are made of exotic materials, unusual hardware combinations, and highly sought-after colors. Besides, the revaluation of Birkin, Kelly, and Constance bags is very evident in the luxury market, so their value tends to increase, in some cases doubling and even tripling the amount you paid for them.

This revaluation and the holding of the value can only be seized if the bag has had enough time since its introduction to the market, which means that a fairly recent bag may not produce as much value as an older one, with the exception of being from a limited edition or featuring the newest color from the Hermès collection.

This is why before selling your Hermès handbag you must research the current trends of the luxury resale market, to make sure that your bag is one of the most coveted of the moment, this way you can analyze if selling your bag would be appropriate at the moment, or if you should wait a little bit longer.

A way to make passive income



Every professional luxury reseller knows that luxury resale is a great business to create a passive income stream. Buying and selling coveted luxury items can give you a way to invest and earn back a good amount of money for every handbag sale. We call it passive income because you can earn it from your previous investments in luxury items, and you can always receive it if you have a good sale.

This method can help you tremendously to save up some money for your future retirement, and it can give you more opportunities to invest your newly earned income into another asset, multiplying your money even further with time. This is why it is a good option to sell your Hermès handbag at the right moment and continue to sell other luxury products that you don’t use.

We hope we have clarified your doubts about why to sell your Hermès handbag, teaching you a new way in which you can earn money with your investment, and keep a good passive income in the future if you decide to dedicate yourself to this business.

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