Why sell your handbags with Resellers Connector?

If you’re a professional luxury reseller or you’re giving your first steps in the luxury handbag resale, we want to show you the best alternative, so that you can improve your business and make much more with each sale.

Let us present to you our community for Hermès resellers and all the benefits you can obtain with our service. All prepared for you and your comfort!

  1. What is Resellers Connector?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Our memberships and services
    1. Escrow service
    2. Bank service
    3. Purchase service
    4. Logistic services
    5. Consignment service
    6. Communication and programmed alerts
  4. Why choose Resellers Connector?


What is Resellers Connector?


Resellers Connector is a website and community dedicated to uniting all the Hermès resellers in a single place, connecting them with other resellers to make business, buy and sell Hermès handbags.

Resellers Connector also specializes in offering services to make the reseller’s job easier, helping them improve their business and find more deals than through bag resale sites they already use. All of this provides a better income from each sale, to seize their investment and be able to make their business grow even more.

How does it work?


Our resellers’ community works with a channel and various groups focused on the Whatsapp app, where we connect a large number of the most recognized handbag resellers in the market alongside new resellers. Through our Whatsapp groups, we send an updated list with all the available merchandise of all of the resellers that take part in the community. The list is updated 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, to ensure that every detail is perfect and to improve sales.

The updated list can help our resellers find a bag they have been looking for to invest in themselves or for one of their regular clients. The list consists of pre-loved or brand-new Birkin, Kelly, and Constance handbags recently bought in official Hermès stores, or that have never been used before and have been kept intact for a short amount of time. All the bags have boxes and all the complements they originally come with.

It must be clarified that on Resellers Connector we only work with proven trustworthy resellers, which sell authentic Hermès handbags and that haven’t been in any event related to scams, counterfeiting, or theft. We are very serious about our community and we work hard to keep outside any unwanted resellers that may cause damage or that are performing illegal activities. We also make sure to expose them to avoid any more scams, and we encourage our community to tell us about them to add them to the list of scammers. We condemn these acts and don’t support them!

Resellers Connector works as an intermediary between handbag resellers, connecting them to improve their businesses and help them find better deals. However, we don’t take any commissions from the sales, nor do we increase the price of the bags.

On our website we offer a global search for all the handbags, making it easier for the community to search for the items they need. The searcher includes filters by model, colors, skins, hardware, sizes and stamps. You can look at the pictures of the handbags or request them via Whatsapp to have a closer look.

Our memberships and services


Aside from our open Whatsapp chat with professional attention 24 hours a day, we also offer many more services to improve the business of new handbag resellers or experienced ones. These services can be accessed via basic, silver, or extra memberships depending on the needs of the reseller. Next, we will break down the memberships and the benefits they contain:

  • Basic membership: This subscription is completely free and it entails the basic benefits of being part of the Resellers Connector community. With this membership the handbag reseller gains access to the daily handbag list updated in real-time, they can opt to post their handbags in the list and they gain access to the scammers’ list to avoid any problems while doing their business.
  • Silver membership: For a monthly quota of €100 per month, the reseller can enjoy all the benefits of our basic subscription while also gaining access to a list with all the prices of the handbags updated in real-time, as well as a connection with the resellers they are interested in, we act as intermediaries. You gain access to hundreds of contacts with all the resellers that you want, and you will be able to use our global search for handbags on our website, also updated in real time.
  • Extra membership: This special subscription is tailored to the needs of the resellers with a customizable price depending on which services they request. The extra membership includes all the benefits of the aforementioned subscriptions while also containing many eligible services to improve your experience as a reseller and make your business grow.

Next, we will explain each service we can provide to offer you a better experience and help you make more sales without having to worry about every detail.

Escrow Service


Our escrow service consists of acting as intermediaries for all the purchases you desire to make through our community. This means that you express your want to buy or sell a handbag to a specific member and we contact them directly to coordinate every detail that you need. 

The escrow service helps you in case you don’t have the time to keep a conversation with the other party and you need to sell or buy the items quickly. If you combine this service with our other benefits you can have a complete management of your business without much effort.

Bank service


Paying or receiving payments may be difficult for you in certain circumstances, that is why we offer our banking services to aid you in your transactions, providing you with a safe ambiance and a fast execution, so you can trust us and make sure you will receive your payment or pay what you need.

By combining this service with the escrow option and the purchase service, we can take care of your transactions to buy and sell from or to resellers and also to purchase the products you need directly from the stores. This will help you tremendously if you’re waiting for a payment or you don’t have the funds at the moment but you need to purchase a product quickly before it runs out.

Purchase service


In Resellers Connector we have a team of professional buyers that are dedicated to attending the luxury stores to buy products for our clients. Our personal shoppers can help you by purchasing the items when you don’t have the time to do it at the moment.

The purchase service can be of great help if combined with the bank service since you can rely on our buyers to purchase what you need, we pay for you and you repay it when you’re able to do it. This way you don’t lose your sales or the possibility to invest in a certain product.

Logistic services


We all know that the biggest part of a business is its logistic services because every detail needs to be coordinated to work perfectly as a cogwheel. That is why in Resellers Connector we want to offer you our logistic services, where you can rely on us to keep your stock in our secured warehouse, take professional photos for your handbags, and coordinate the shipment of the products you sell or buy.

The logistics service is a complete package that can help your business to grow very quickly because you don’t have to worry about the little details and you can rely on professional hands to aid you. By having better storage, professional pictures, and a more precise shipment schedule, you can attract more clients and gain their trust, besides you avoid accidents or the theft of your merchandise.

Consignment service


Our consignment service works very closely with logistics, since we receive your handbags and store them in our specialized warehouse, we take care of selling them more quickly and finding the right client for you. Through the consignment service, we can get better returns for you and make your life easier.

The consignment option is especially useful for resellers that don’t have the time or that struggle with few clients; either because they are too new to the luxury handbag resale or because they haven’t explored the way to sell without relying on online marketplaces. In Resellers Connector we can take care of selling your handbags for you and making it much easier.

Communication and programmed alerts


The Resellers Connector Whatsapp platform has a team of professionals in charge, ready to answer all your questions 24 hours a day 6 days a week. Through our communication, we facilitate the purchases and sales of our resellers and also notify them when a handbag they have been looking for is available.

By using our programmed alerts system you can get the notification when we find the bag you were looking for, so you don’t have to go through the list or search in our website’s tool, you will receive the alert every time and be ready to purchase when the time comes. Everything for your comfort!

Why choose Resellers Connector?


Resellers Connector is a complete experience for Birkin resellers or Kelly resellers, people dedicated to luxury handbag resale, particularly Hermès handbags. So if you are a professional reseller already or you’re just starting to give your first steps into this world, the Resellers Connector’s services can be of great help to create a more professional business, covering all the aspects that need to be present; such as logistics, communication, photography, shipping, storage, transactions, purchases, etc.

By having all of these aspects covered, you can focus on improving your business differently, like creating marketing strategies or creating content for your clients and followers. 

Another great advantage of relying on Resellers Connector to sell your Hermès handbags is that you can sell your products faster than in any other conventional marketplace, and the best part is that you sell from professionals to professionals, which means that you’re dealing with responsible and serious people. Besides, you have complete security that our community has expelled any scammers, counterfeiters, and thieves, so you can develop a secure platform.

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