How to invest in Hermès handbags?

If you’re new to Hermès resale, you have probably contemplated the possibility to invest in Hermès handbags to start your journey as a luxury reseller, or perhaps to test how profitable can Hermès handbags be as a long term investment. The truth is that if it is done correctly, investing in Hermès handbags can turn into a business with which you can earn a lot of money.

Next, we will show you how to invest in Hermès handbags and why it is a good idea to do it. You will learn everything you need to start your path as a Hermès investor and a possible Birkin or Kelly reseller.

  1. Why invest in Hermès handbags?
  2. How to invest in Hermès handbags?
    1. Research the most coveted combinations
    2. Purchase from trustworthy sources
    3. Look for authenticity elements
    4. Preserve the Hermès handbag
  3. What to expect in the future?

Why invest in Hermès handbags?


Before we start showing you how to invest in Hermès handbags, we want to explain to you why it is so profitable to invest in Hermès. Like most of the high-luxury fashion brands, Hermès has created iconic handbags that are considered exclusive products, because of their beautiful materials and also the difficulty to purchase them in any official store. The Hermès brand has played a high-demand and low-production game to create expectations and desire in their clients, increasing the value of the handbags in retail, but even more in luxury bag resale markets.

As a consequence, people that want to purchase Hermès handbags tend to contact Hermès resellers, professionals that invested in these bags and that are now reselling them for higher values. This is possible due to the revaluation of the Birkin or Kelly bags, that since they are so difficult to purchase through normal channels, people are willing to pay whatever it takes to obtain a bag in the color, skin, and hardware they want.

By investing in Hermès handbags, especially Birkin or Kelly bags, you can secure a luxury item that is sure to revalue over time and that you can sell at any time, either to a luxury reseller or to an auction house. It has been proven that the Hermès Birkin bag has revalued by more than 500% since its inception in 1984, so it continues to be the most coveted luxury handbag in the world and a worthwhile investment.

How to invest in Hermès handbags?

Now that you know why investing in Hermès handbags can become a profitable business, we want to give you some insights on how to invest in them, so you can start with your first handbags and probably start a handbag business from home. Pay attention to these elements before purchasing a Hermès bag as an investment.

Research the most coveted combinations


Before even thinking of buying a Hermès handbag, it is necessary that you research and study which are the most coveted combinations in the luxury resale market because this can have a great impact on the amount of money you can get as a return, as it can double or even triple. However, if you choose a combination that is not as trendy in the resale market, you may not gain anything from it, but the same price you paid for the bag.

This is why it is very important for you to enter bag resale sites or forums of communities of Hermès resellers to find out which are the most important bags of the moment, and which skins, colors, and hardware are currently the most valuable ones. With this in mind, you can start your search for the handbags you want to invest in, either through official stores or Hermès resellers.

Do you want to know which are the most valuable combinations of the moment? Follow the following links to learn more:

Purchase from trustworthy sources


The source from which you will purchase your handbag is a very important aspect since this can also affect the value of the bag directly. If you are lucky enough to find a coveted bag and purchase it from an official Hermès store, you will not only have a brand new luxury item but also a bag that you can 100% certify is completely authentic. This secures the ability of the bag to revalue over time because it is a genuine item.

However, if you purchased a Hermès bag from a luxury reseller, you need to be very alert and research them thoroughly before buying anything from them. Some Hermès resellers are scammers that try to sell fake Hermès handbags that lack value completely. This is why you need to look for a trustworthy reseller with good background and reviews so that you can trust them.

Another detail about purchasing from Hermès resellers is that they may sell pre-loved handbags or bags that have never been used, but that have been stored for years. This doesn’t take away too much value, but everything depends on the condition of the handbag, if it has been well kept, it won’t have trouble revaluing.

Look for authenticity elements


As you might have already seen, authenticity is a crucial element when it comes to luxury bag resale, because the whole value depends on the bag being genuine. For this reason, when you purchase a Hermès handbag, you need to make sure to obtain all the authenticity documents that prove that it is an original item.

These elements are constituted by the official Hermès invoice, the payment ticket, and the original box and dust bag. With Hermès invoices and payment tickets, you can compare the date stamp on the bag and its characteristics with the ones that are reflected in these documents, and you can also compare the payment ticket with the invoice to know that the purchase was made on the same date, time, and for the same amount.

The box and dust bag, along with rain covers or other complements that came originally with the handbag, can demonstrate that the product was not stolen from an official store or the stock of a Hermès reseller, this way you know you’re purchasing a legally bought item, instead of stolen merchandise. 

Once you purchase a Hermès handbag from an official store or a trustworthy reseller, you need to treasure these authenticity documents and packaging to pass it on to the next buyer of your handbag, this way you’re providing traceability and you’re justifying the value of the luxury item. These elements will also be needed by the new owner to resell the product in the future if they want.

Preserve the Hermès handbag


Once you have purchased a Hermès handbag from a trustworthy source and you have the authenticity elements, it is important to define something. You need to know if you’re only going to keep the handbag as an investment piece, which means you’re going to keep it stored, or if you’re planning on using it a few times and storing it until you sell it. This is crucial to know if you’re going to resell it as a pre-loved bag or a never used bag in the future.

On the other hand, regardless of if you’re storing or using the bag, you need to preserve it as best as possible in order to keep its value intact or help it grow with time. Remember that the condition of a Hermès handbag plays a very decisive role in the revaluation, if it has been well kept, it will revalue more than if it shows flaws or signs of wear. 

To store your Hermès handbag correctly and preserve its beauty, you need to find a conditioned space in your home or office where the temperature is stable, as well as the humidity levels, these factors can affect natural leather tremendously, creating wrinkles, breaks, and even mold growth. The restoration is also a key element, you need to keep the handbag clean and conditioned to avoid damage while being stored.

We show you how to store a Hermès handbag.

What to expect in the future?


If you decide to invest in a Hermès handbag and you do it correctly, you can expect a good profit return if you resell it. The Hermès resale business is considered a very profitable activity, and if it is done consistently it can produce huge earnings that can be useful for those who want to invest in other assets or save up for their retirement.

Whether you want to become a professional Hermès reseller, or just a casual investor and reseller, we can assure you that this business is good if you put dedication into it and if you learn how to move around the luxury bag resale market. At first, it may not be easy, since you need to control many aspects and look for the right clients to obtain the results you expect, but once you get used to it and you know where to go, there is no turning back from a growing business.

Learn how to become a Hermès reseller.

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